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Date: 2003-09-14

AT: Big Brother Awards 2003 Preview

Hoppla, da sass doch glatt ein Blog/ger in der Auftaktsitzung [siehe unten]. Vor einer Woche war Premiere der Awards in Australien, die nächsten auf der Schedule sind am 11.Oktober in Amsterdam.
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Big Brother Awards Preparations

I am participating in a preparatory talk of the Quintessenz organization in
their meeting room, which is part of the Electric Avenue nicely located at
Quartier 21 of the Museumsquartier in Vienna. Around twenty people are
sticking their heads together discussing action to be taken in order to get
the next round of Big Brother Awards Austria up and running.

The awards are given to companies, organizations or individual who have
"threatened personal privacy" in one respect or another. The Big Brother
Awards have been pioneered by Privacy International in Britain and the
Austrian group introduced the concept in the german-speaking world. Germany
and Switzerland followed up soon.

If you are interested in the BBA Austria, you might want to subscribe to
q/depesche, the mailing list of Quintessenz, which is available via RSS as
well, of course.

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2003-09-14
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Big Brother Awards Austria

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