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The first Central European Cyber Liberties Conference [CECLC] will be held in Vienna, Austria on October 25, 2002. The conference will connect civil rights advocates with internet activists from all over Europe. We will meet in the center of Vienna to sum up the collective loss of civil liberties in not more than a year. CECLC's main themes of 2002 are the dangers of data retention plans all over Europe - "If they know what you did yesterday, they will know what you will do tomorrow"

CECLC is organized by quintessenz and VIBE!AT user group and supported by the Open Society Institute.

Co-hosted by Internet Service Providers Austria [ISPA] und der work@IT- Interessensgemeinschaft für Menschen in IT-Berufen

The conference will be held in The Arena of Vienna's MuseumsQuartier.

Conference entry is free but registration is needed:

Register for Liberties Lost!

Conference contaqts: Doris Kaiserreiner


09:00 Registration, coffee

09:30 Opening of the conference by the chairs of quintessenz and VIBE!AT.

09:45 The erosion of cyber liberties in Europe
How the fallout of 9/11 speeded up the construction of the European Surveillance Union and how civil rights could be extinguished by means of information technology. Conference address by Erich Moechel [ORF futureZone].

10:00 Data retention and surveillance laws.
Plans and practices in the Western parts of Europe
Maurice Wessling [EDRi, Bits of Freedom NL], Simon Davies [Privacy International UK], Meryem Marzouki [CNRS LIP6/PolyTIC, EDRi, IRIS FR], Daniel Boos [Swiss Internet User Group CH], Peter Kuhm [VIBE!AT], Andreas Lehner [Chaos Computer Club, DE], Chairperson Ian Brown [Foundation for Information Policy Research UK].

11:15 Coffee Break

11:30 Data retention, surveillance laws, plans and practices in the Eastern part of Europe
Sergei Smirnov [HRO Moscow RU], Angelika Sineok [Media Law Networking Project [Rostov RU], Veni Markovski [GIPI Bulgaria], Zoltan Galantai [TEA Hungary] and other participants from Central and Eastern Europe. Chairperson Bob Horvitz [Global Internet Policy Initiative CZ].

12:30 Lunch break

14:00 Data retention, computer security and the IT and Telco industry
What does enforced data retention mean and what are the impacts on it-business and e-commerce. Expert panel.

Wolfgang Schwabl [CSO Mobilkom Austria], Hans Zeger [CEO e-rating], Christian Mock [CTO CoreTEC], Joe Pichlmayr [CEO Ikarus], Georg Chytil [CTO EU-Net AG], Paul Karrer [CEO Internet Security AG] Chairperson Kurt Einzinger [ISPA]

15:15 The endangered freedoms of publishing and information
What to do in times of attempted and performed internet censorship by state bureaucrats worldwide as well as by big business? Will Samizdat publishing remain our sole means of fighting future censorship?

John Young [, USA - to be confirmed], Jan Urban [Samizdat Publisher, CZ - to be confirmed], Veni Markovski [Samizdat Publisher], Karl Kollman [Austrian chamber of labour] Nicholas Hauser [work@IT], chair Erich Moechel []

16:15 Coffee break

16:30 IT-Industry, netizens and the state
Are there common goals of civil/cyber libertarians and the industry? Questions to representants of government plus a summary of today's discussions.

Kurt Einzinger [ISPA], Klaus Mits [Austrian Ministry of the Interior - to be confirmed], Peter Rastl [Center of Informatics, University of Vienna], Waltraud Kotschy [data protection commissioner at the federal chancellor's office]

Public discussion - open end

20.00 International come together in a "Heurigen", a Viennese style winery


The OECD Hawaii Summit on the Information Society (taking place in January 2003) will play a crucial role in the development of future global action on information issues. Its intent is to help shape the framework agenda for future government and private sector policy in the information economy

The Open Society Institute is supporting a programme intended to provide a stronger voice for civil society in the OECD process. Accordingly, Privacy International is organising a short meeting to coincide with the Vienna "Liberties Lost" conference. The aim of the meeting will be to develop strategies to carry the voice of civil society into the OECD process. The Vienna meeting will feed into an NGO "public voice" programme being organised in conjunction with the OECD.

All NGOs attending the Vienna conference are most welcome to come along to the meeting. Please email Simon Davies at if you are interested in joining us.

15:20 Briefing on the UN World Summit on Information Society

by Meryem Marzouki

15:45 Presentation of the q/machine
The q/machine is a free software tool developed by LivingXML designed to assist civil liberties groups in all forms of communication. There will be blitz trainings concerning new features of the q/machine especially for EDRi-members. Workshop will be held by Philipp Guehring, quintessential chief developer.

16:45 Mixmaster - Concepts and Function
Remailers provide protection against traffic analysis and allow sending email anonymously or pseudonymously. Mixmaster consists of both client and server installations and is designed to run on several operation systems including but not limited to *BSD, Linux and Microsoft Windows. Workshop by Aaron Kaplan, Member of "One byte is enough".

17:30 GNU Privacy Assistant
The GNU Privacy Assistant is a graphical user interface for the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG). GnuPG is a system that provides you with privacy by encrypting emails or other documents and with authentication of received files by signature management. Workshop by Mihi Bauer, Member of at's CCC.

20:30 Celebration of the Big Brother Awards Austria 2002
live @ flex with a follow-up Party. Warning: the event may last until 05:00 [a.m. 27 Oct.]

Register for Participation

Please fill out the Registration form below. After pushing "Register for Liberties Lost!" your Registration will be handled and you will be redirected back to the conference page.


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Big Brother Awards Austria
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