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Date: 1999-03-14

Win98 "Feature": Microsoft hat nicht inhaliert

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Win98 "Feature": Microsoft hat nicht inhaliert

Der registry wizard von Win98 generiert zwar - wie berichtet -
eine ID-Nummer, die bei jedem Kontakt mit
abgefragt wird, aber Micro/soft hat damit rein garnix
angefangen, ach wo, sondern die Daten nichteinmal
gespeichert, sondern einfach weggeschmissen, also
geraucht, aber nicht inhaliert.

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Andy Patrizio
The company was first exposed last week by Richard Smith
of Phar Lap Software, who found that the Windows 98
Registration Wizard, or RegWiz, was installing unique
identification numbers on the computers. Those IDs were
transmitted to during registration, Smith said.

Windows Magazine [eported that not only is information on
the user's system sent to, it's possible for any
website to read and change that information without the user
ever knowing it.

Microsoft officials said that any data sent to the Microsoft
server is not recognized as a valid transaction and is thus
That said, the company is eliminating the offending code. The
company's website was given an overhaul on Thursday, and
one of the steps was to stop receipt of hardware IDs from
product-registration wizards.
"I have to say I'm in awe of Microsoft's ability to not know of
that function in Windows 98, if it is a bug as they claim," said
Dwight Davis, an analyst with Summit Strategies and former
editor of Windows Watcher, a newsletter that covered the

Speculation that Microsoft was gathering this type of
information was in circulation even before Windows 98 was
released last year
"If it's true that they didn't realize this was happening, it says
terrible things about Microsoft's oversight of their own
products," said Davis.

Full story

Win 98 Privacy Issue: Worse Than You Thought

Microsoft Aims To Fix Win 98 Privacy Issue

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edited by Harkank
published on: 1999-03-14
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