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Date: 1999-09-27

Surveillance special bei

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Ein wahres Feuerwerk an tagesaktuellen Artikeln zum Thema
elektronische Überwachung ist im britischen ZDNet heute
losgegangen. Thema: der bevorstehende Interception of
Communications Act (IOCA) - ein Gesetz, das in
allernächster Verwandschaft zu den ENFOPOL-Abörplänen

EU-weit hat man nach dem Rückzieher der Innen- und
Justizminister im Mai auf eine offizielle Verabschiedung von
ENFOPOL 19 samt Ratsempfehlung bisher verzichtet - die
Abhörmaßnahmen werden auf nationaler Ebene umgesetzt.

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Is Big Brother a reality or are we being paranoid? ZDNet
takes a detailed look at surveillance in the UK and asks how
much privacy is left?

Surveillance, a ZDNet News Special:

Surveillance: Government plans e-surveillance - Part 2 - Mon,
27th Sep 1999 At the heart of the surveillance debate is the
proposed Interception of Communications Act (IOCA), which,
if it is made law, will give the police access to all electronic
communications. Jane Wakefield exposes the truth behind
one of the...

Surveillance: An overview - Mon, 27th Sep 1999 Do you use
the Net and wonder if what you are doing, or saying, even in
private emails, are being inspected by hidden eyes? Do you
worry about it?´

Surveillance: An open letter to Jack Straw - Mon, 27th Sep
1999 The following is a copy of the letter sent to Jack Staw
today by some particularly cheeky British privacy activists. It
highlights an embarrassing flaw in the government's
proposals for monitoring email...

Surveillance: IP tracing gets privacy approval - Mon, 27th Sep
1999 New technology tracks where you're from in the world.
Useful for protecting copyrights, but could have privacy

Surveillance: How your boss is watching you - Mon, 27th Sep
1999 Network admins at the office use a variety of tools for
monitoring your online activities. But there are ways around it.

Surveillance: Is e-privacy a human right? - Mon, 27th Sep
1999 Human rights groups say government interception of
email contravenes human rights law. Government argues that
in some cases, it has the right to intrude.

Surveillance: Straw petitioned on commerce bill controversy -
Mon, 27th Sep 1999 Encryption pranksters target Home
Secretary, with a serious purpose.

Surveillance: Privacy versus policework - the debate - Mon,
27th Sep 1999 The police say access to email and Net traffic
is necessary in the fight against crime. Civil libertarians say,
leave the Internet alone. What is the real nature of
surveillance on the Net and what are the implications for
personal freedom?

Surveillance: Net surfing could get you sacked - Mon, 27th
Sep 1999 Use the Net or email at work? Read this... but if
you're in the office, be careful.
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gestzlich ermaechtigte Ueberwacher
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edited by Harkank
published on: 1999-09-27
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