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Date: 1999-10-17

Last Call: Big Brother Austria 99

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Bis Montag Abend ist für das p.t. Publikum noch Zeit, die
letzten Brüder/kandidaten des ausgehenden Jahrtausends zu

Am Dienstag Abend trifft die Jury zusammen, die komplette
Liste der Nominees wird Mittwoch Früh bekanntgegeben.
Unter den speciellen Gästen für Big Brother Austria '99
werden Simon Davies [Privacy International] und
Krypto/head Mike Auerbach [, Network Associates]

Der genaue Programmablauf des Abends am 26. Oktober
wird derweil mit Moderator Thomas Maurer ausgetüftelt und
geht am Ende dieser Woche an die Öffentlichkeit.

Das unten angeführte Schreiben ging an die mehr als 60
Organisationen im Dachverband Global Internet Liberty

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Dear all,

ARGE Daten & quintessenz [GILC members], VIBE User
Group & Public Netbase proudly announce the Big Brother
Awards Austria Party 1999 to be held on October 26 [so
called "Nation day" - as July 4 in the US, but of lesser fun].

The event honouring the most shameless intruders into
individual privacy spheres from Austrian government,
institutions and business has had an astonishing media
coverage already. Amongst the special guests will be Simon
Davies [Privacy International] and Krypto-specialist Mike
Auerbach [Network Associates].

There will be a cybercast live on the net. u will find the URL
via the homepage.

Big Brother AT goes with a *free* techno party in Vienna's
number 1 Underground location [Flex] featuring random noise
generation [Detroit] DJs Electric Indigo [Berlin/Vienna] & DJ
Hell [Munich]

Comedian Thomas Maurer will lead through the program.
Motto is: "We'll name them and we'll shame them - those
who have screwed us all the years" as Simon put it back in
April @ Big Brother USA.

The only way we could manage 2 get this up & flying was
clustering four organizations, everyone contributed what they
could do best in the moment.

Should be some explication why I wasnt much visible on the
list during the last three months. This should change now, as
the next ENFOPOL campaign is already lurking round the
corner ;)) Soon more

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Fuer Lauschangreifer, Spitzelfirmen, Datenhaendler,
gesetzlich ermaechtigte Ueberwacher
Reichen Sie Ihre Nominierung ein:
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edited by Harkank
published on: 1999-10-17
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