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Date: 1999-11-15

Wider den Profiling/wahn

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Was kann man gegen den vor allem im US-Netz
grassierenden User/Profiling/Wahnsinn unternehmen? EPIC,
Junkbusters, Privacy International und andere "usual
suspects" starten einen Vorstoss für das Recht auf
Anonymität und vertrauliche Behandlung der Benutzerdaten.

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AGAINST UNFAIR PROFILING Consumer groups detail best
practices for online merchants to protect their customers'

San Francisco--November 15, 1999--Privacy groups today
urged ecommerce sites to spurn the intrusive and unfair
information practices of online advertising networks.
Speaking here at's Summit meeting,
Junkbusters Corp. President Jason Catlett issued a warning
to Web merchants: ``Consumers, regulators and legislators
are becoming increasingly unwilling to tolerate companies
that amass huge electronic dossiers from consumers'
movement in cyberspace. Businesses that use or assist this
surveillance are pitching their tents in a hurricane zone.''

During hearings in Washington last week at the Federal
Trade Commission and the Department of Commerce,
privacy advocates called on the FTC to halt online profiling
until legal protections are established. "Consumers and the
government should realize that companies that are collecting
detailed information from online consumers without their
knowledge and consent are not personalizing -- they are
invading privacy," stated Andrew Shen, Policy Analyst at the
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). (See or for

The privacy groups today issued specific advice for
ecommerce and media sites.

* Don't buy or barter profiles or identity from advertisers or
other merchant sites. Wait for the customers to identify
themselves and tell you what they want. * Don't sell or share
profiles or the identity of registered customers with other
sites. Keep your customers' trust and their data confidential.
* Don't touch schemes that build ``cooperative databases''
that pool information on visitors using techniques such as
cookie synchronization. * Stop ad networks and advertisers
from using clickstream data from your site. Specifically,
banish from your site all clear GIF "web bugs" that report
surfers' movements. * Support the ability of consumers to
visit and use sites anonymously. Sites should not require
cookies or registration as a condition of use. Anonymous
payment schemes are encouraged. * Destroy old server logs,
or aggregate the clickstream data so as to remove personally
identifiable information.

For sites that mass-customize their content according to an
in-house profile, * Ask each user's permission before
performing customization. * Disclose in detail the techniques
and data used. * Provide each user with full access to all the
information maintained about him or her, along with the ability
to change or destroy the information if desired. * Keep the
data secure and confidential. * Commission periodic audits to
assure compliance.

``The dramatic stealth infiltration of profiling technology
throughout the web is damaging public trust in the Internet,''
said Jeff Chester, Executive Director of the Center for Media
Education. "Online merchants who engage in unfair
information practices will reduce the market size for
themselves and ecommerce as a whole."

The groups calling on ecommerce sites to reject unfair
profiling and protect consumers' privacy include EPIC, CME,
Privacy International, Junkbusters, and Privacy Journal and
Privacy Times.

Three conference calls will be held with leading advocates from these groups. (Not all speakers will be available on all calls.)

10:30am EST Monday November 15 1:30pm EST Monday November 15 11am EST Tuesday November 16

Call 918-222-7123, wait for tone, enter code 2350 followed by the pound sign.

A related topic to be discussed will be the announcement
Monday by IBM, Doubleclick (DCLK) and Net Perceptions
(NETP) of a ``Web solution for personalized marketing,''
anticipated by Reuters Friday.

Catlett will also speak at 5:10pm PST at the Personalization
Summit's strategic track.


Center for Media Education Contact: Jeff Chester, Executive
Director, (202) 331-7833

Electronic Privacy Information Center Contact: Andrew Shen,
Policy Analyst, (202) 544-9240

Junkbusters Corporation Contact: Jason Catlett, President,
(908) 753-7861

Privacy Journal Contact: Robert Ellis Smith, Publisher, (401)

Privacy Times Contact: Evan Hendricks, Editor, (202) 829-
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edited by Harkank
published on: 1999-11-15
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