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Date: 2000-10-11

US-Coypright: "Pay-Per-Use-Welt"

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In den USA wird wieder einmal von einer "Pay-Per-Use-Welt"
auf Basis des Digital Millennium Copyrights Act gewarnt.

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Critics of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act are asking the
librarian of Congress to preserve traditional fair-use and free-
speech rights by carving out exceptions to the law.

Unless some exceptions are created, they argue, the
entertainment industry will have more control than the
Constitution allows. One concern is that this could lead to a
pay-per-use world where consumers don't truly own the
books, movies and music they purchase.

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Enacted in 1998, the DMCA bans the circumvention of
technical protection measures -- like password or encryption
systems -- designed to prevent access to copyrighted works.

But because Congress feared the potentially adverse effects
of giving copyright owners lock-and-key rights to their works,
it delayed the effective implementation date of this portion of
the DMCA by two years and mandated a study period by the
librarian of Congress and the Copyright Office.

The two years are up, and on Oct. 28, the librarian of
Congress will announce new rules governing the access
provisions of the DMCA.

The new rules could carve out exceptions to the access
provisions for certain classes of copyrighted works.

These exceptions would only occur if the librarian of
Congress determines that the public's ability to make non-
infringing uses of those works has been adversely affected.

"The future of fair use and other traditional copyright defenses
will be determined, in significant part, by the outcome of the
current rule-making," wrote law professor Peter Jaszi, who
wrote on behalf of the Digital Future Coalition, an online civil
liberties organization composed of nonprofits and Internet

Full Text,1294,39330,00.html

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2000-10-11
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