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Date: 2001-06-29

UK: Statewatching the new Europe 2001

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Auf dieser illustren Konferenz zur Zelebration einer Dekade von
Statewatch hat auch die quintessenz die Ehre, mit einem
Referenten und einem Attendenten eingeladen zu sein.

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international conference on the state, civil liberties and secrecy

Saturday 30 June 2001 10.00 am - 5.30 pm

Conference agenda Conference booking form

9.00 Doors open: stalls and coffee available

10.00 Conference starts: Welcome by chair

10.10 Keynote speech:

"The globalisation of control: Towards an integrated surveillance
system in Europe" Thomas Mathiesen, Professor of sociology of
law, University of Oslo, followed by discussion

11.00 Tony Bunyan, Statewatch: Statewatching - past, present and

11.10 Coffee break

11.30 Workshops (see below)

1.00 LUNCH

2.00 Afternoon session

Keynote speech:

"Where now for liberties and rights?" Gareth Peirce, lawyer
followed by discussion

2.40 Panel discussion: Perspectives on the EU: Civil liberties and
the state

Courtenay Griffith QC Heidi Hautala MEP, Finland, Co-President of
the Green/EFA group in the European Parliament Liz Fekete,
Institute of Race Relations Professor Deirdre Curtin, Utrecht
University, Netherlands

3.40 Tea break

4.00 Visiting speaker (to be confirmed)

4.15 Appeal: Aidan White, European Federation of Journalists and
Lee Bridges, Statewatch

4.30 Panel discussion: Perspectives on "Statewatching": the role
of civil society/the EU and global developments

Colin Prescod, Institute of Race Relations Hilary Wainwright, editor
Red Pepper Glyn Ford MEP Andrew Puddephatt, Article 19 Didier
Bigo, Culture & Conflits, Paris Ian Macdonald QC

Questions and final discussion

5.45 Conference finishes


1. National security, EU-FBI surveillance of telecommunications,

Simon Davies, Privacy International Steve Wright, OMEGA
Foundation Richard Norton-Taylor, The Guardian Kees Kalkman,
Amok, Netherlands (chair) Caspar Bowden, Foundation for
Information Policy Research Ilka Schroeder MEP, member of the
inquiry into Echelon Eric Moechel, quintessenz, Austria

2. Racism in the EU

Ida Koch, Denmark (chair) Liz Fekete, Institute of Race Relations
Suresh Grover, National Civil Rights Movement Maryam Namazie,
International Federation of Iranian Refugees

3. Immigration and asylum in the UK & EU

Frances Webber, Institute of Race Relations Nadine Finch, lawyer
(chair) Steve Peers, Essex University Elspeth Guild, Immigration
Law Practitioners Association Neil Gerrard MP

4. Civil liberties in Britain and Northern Ireland, reflections on the
last two decades

Paddy Hillyard, Belfast, University of Ulster, (chair) Joe Sim, John
Moores University Mike Tomlinson, Queens College, Belfast Phil
Scraton, Edge Hill University College

5. Policing, Schengen, EU databases and legal cooperation

Christian Busold, lawyer, Germany Heiner Busch, CILIP, Germany Stephen Jakobi, Fair Trials Abroad Professor Lode van Outrive, Belgium

6. Freedom of information - access to documents

Tony Bunyan, Statewatch (chair) Professor Deirdre Curtin, Utrecht University Aidan White, European Federation of Journalists Maurice Frankel, Campaign for Freedom of Information Norbet Pütter, CILIP, Berlin

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Founded in 1991, Statewatch is an independent group of researchers, academics, journalists, lawyers and community activists. Working on a br
oad range of civil liberties issues, Statewatch has gained a reputationfor accuracy and originality. Ten years since Statewatch was formed and seven years since the groundbreaking "Statewatching the new Europe" conference
raised concerns about the emerging European state, Statewatch
is bringing together speakers from across Europe to explore the
links between the state and its agencies in the context of
globalisation. The conference will look at decision-making
structures, new technologies of control, migration and racism,
secrecy and accountability.


Celebrating "10 years of Statewatch 1991-2001"

Statewatch, PO Box 1516, London N16 0EW, UK tel 00 44 (0)20
8802 1882 fax 00 44 (0)20 8880 1727


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edited by Harkank
published on: 2001-06-29
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