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Date: 2002-04-24

UK: INTERPOL warnt IT-Firmen

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Dass sie wertvolle bis kritische Daten verarbeiten glauben immerhin, drei von
vier Firmenchefs im UK. Nur jedes vierte Unternehmen aber verfügt über eine
Security Policy, was mahnende Worte des Chairman der Arbeitsgruppe IT-
Crime der INTERPOL zur Folge hatte.

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The chairman of Interpol's European Working Party on IT Crime has warned
that a "vacuum of knowledge" surrounding IT security means companies are
exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.

Bob Jones, who also works as a computer security consultant at Queen
Mary's college at the University of London, said too many companies took on
IT security staff blindly believing that they would be able to 'pick up' the
necessary knowledge as they went along.


Companies across both the private and public sectors still did not view IT
security as a core business issue, he warned.


The number of UK businesses that have suffered a malicious security
incident since 2000 has almost doubled. Half of companies and four out of
five large businesses fell victim over the past year to viruses, hacking
attacks, fraud, and other information security breaches, compared with less
than one in five in 1998.

The average cost of each serious breach is £30,000, and several companies
reported incidents costing them more than £500,000, the report said.

But while three-quarters of UK businesses believe they hold sensitive or
critical information, only one in four have a security policy in place to protect


"Unless you have full board level support for running secure systems,
companies won't get the training and resources to support security experts,"
Jones added.


Interpol is the second-largest international organisation after the United
Nations, with 179 member countries spread over five continents.

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published on: 2002-04-24
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