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Date: 2003-01-19

BG: Gewinner Big Brother Awards

Gestern wurden die ersten Big Brother Aawrds Bulgarien verliehen, morgen wählt Frankreich, übermorgen Dänemark.
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Alle Events
Here's today's top news from Bulgaria. The Winners in the Big Brother
Awards Bulgaria for 2002 are:

1. Minister of interior Mr. Georgi Petkanov, for the scandals with
wiretaping some of his colleagues, the ex-President, members of the
opposition parties, and normal citizens.
2. Secretary-chief of the interior General Borissov for claiming on his
return from Germany that the police "should monitor all the Internet, as
many crimes are committed there" and because he suggested that records from
surveilance should be kept "forever".
3. Director of the press-center of the government Ms. Tsvetelina Uzunova
for not providing information under the Access to Public Information Law,
even with a court decision

1. Mobiltel - the GSM operator who keeps records of all SMS sent through
their system, in case "the authorities want to find out a customer who has
been sending uncensured, vulgar, based on personal, religious, faith or
political ground" (that's on their web site)
2. Bulgarian Telecom - for a number of case, among them revealing
information to tax authorities without prior court order.
3. Sofia Water - for software bugs in calculation water spenditure

1. - the .bg country-code top level domain administrator.
because 2 men, alone and without public discussion and support have created
the rules for .bg domain registraion and require detailed personal data
from people willing to register a domain, which makes the process slow,
expensive, esp. when compared to registration in .com, .net, .org, etc.
2. Radisson SAS hotel - for installing hidden cameras in the hotel without
leaving a warning sign for the guests to know they have been taped.
3. Central Heating Sofia - for hiding information how they calculate the
heating usage

1. Interior Ministry for a number of cases, among them: Regional Shumen
office - for confiscating the computer of a 17-year old High School student
because his Windows was not bought by authorized reseller National Combat
Unit against Organized Crime - for intruding into 26-year old Mr. Kolev's
house. He was questioned, his computer - confiscated, and he - given to
court, for creating a web site (under the name of a
bulgarian bank), where he published the promise of the prime minister from
his election campaign, that "every Bulgarian is entitled to receive a
non-interest credit in the amount of USD 2,500".
2. Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications - for the proposed
Telecommunications law, with a special chapter for police control over the
Internet traffic in online and offline regime
3. Ministry of ecology - for denial of following a court decision from
February 2002, forcing them to give public information to a citizen

Special award
to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria for the following
two cases:
- The secret signing of the contract with the UK-based private company
"Crown Agents" who are now scrutinizing the Bulgarian customs.
- The secret signing of the contract between the government and Microsoft
for $ 13.6 Million for buying 30,000 copies of MS Windows and MS Office
Professional at more than doubled price than the street one.

Positive award
To: Ms. Snezhanka Georgieva, head of the Civil Registry and Administrative
Services of the Ministry of regional development, for continius attempts to
stop publishing the social security numbers of the citizens on the election
voters lists.

The jury consists of 7 people:
Ms. Gergana Juleva and Mr. Kashamov from the Access to Information project
(, Mr. Alexander Arabadjiev, former judge of the
Constitutional court (wrote a lot of decisions on the freedom to access of
information articles), Mr. Ivan Ivanov, speaker of the IT Development
Association (, Mr. Hristo Nikolov, journalist,, Ms. Yana Ilieva, editor-in-chief, and Veni
Markovski, chairman of and country coordinator of the Global
Internet Policy Initiative (

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2003-01-19
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