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Date: 2003-03-04

USA : 3-Klassen-Fliegerei

Genaueres zu CAPPS : US-Amerikaner werden zukünftig am Flughafen in Risikogruppen unterteilt. Wer "Code Red" ist, darf nicht mit. Rückerstattung gibt es keine.
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The system, ordered by Congress after the September 11 attacks, will gather much more information on passengers than has been done previously. Delta Air Lines will try it out at three undisclosed airports beginning next month, and a comprehensive system could be in place by the end of the year.

CAPPS II (Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System) will collect data and rate each passenger's risk potential according to a three-color system: green, yellow, red. When travelers check in, their names will be punched into the system and their boarding passes encrypted with the ranking. TSA screeners will check the passes at checkpoints.

All airline passengers meeting certain criteria will be assigned security risk levels of green, yellow and red. Those with red levels will not be allowed to fly. Passengers will not be allowed to view their personal information used in such determinations, and the information used will be on file for 50 years.

Possible drawbacks include but are not limited to, increased surveilance on certain people whose credit reports are not inline with security policy, dovetailing with other government agencies (whose policies regarding individual citizens' privacy are not paramount and/or will be abused), and downgrading of credit worthiness due to increased requests/inquiries of credit reports. Most of all, it represents a continued erosion of civil liberties, particularly for those who do not have the means to counter any charges of being a security risk.


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edited by King Mob
published on: 2003-03-04
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