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Date: 2003-07-07

RFID-Chip Lobby leckt

Da hatte sich eine Lobby alles fein ausbaldowert, langfristige PR-Strategien entworfen, um jeden Einwand gegen den flächendeck/enden Einsatz von RFID-Chips [Radio Frequency Identification] im Keime zu ersticken: Wie man zum Beispiel Datenschützer und maßgebliche Politiker einkauft usw. Und dann steht alles Volltext im Netz, weil die Datenbank halt recht mangelhaft gesichert war.
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Der Pfusch, entdeckt von Caspian, wird von der RFID-Lobby schon planiert. Damit man weiterhin Bescheid weiss, hat die Dokumente archiviert. Zur Entlastung hat quintessenz einen Mirror aller fünf Dutzend Dokumente aufgestellt.

doquments as is

Mit neuem Intro

RFID Site Security Gaffe Uncovered by Consumer Group

CASPIAN asks, "How can we trust these people with our personal data?"

CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering)
says anyone can download revealing documents labeled "confidential" from
the home page of the MIT Auto-ID Center web site in two mouse clicks.

The Auto-ID Center is the organization entrusted with developing a
global Internet infrastructure for radio frequency identification
(RFID). Their plans are to tag all the objects manufactured on the
planet with RFID chips and track them via the Internet.

Privacy advocates are alarmed about the Center's plans because RFID
technology could enable businesses to collect an unprecedented amount of
information about consumers' possessions and physical movements. They
point out that consumers might not even know they're being surveilled
since tiny RFID chips can be embedded in plastic, sewn into the seams of
garments, or otherwise hidden.

"How can we trust these people with securing sensitive consumer
information if they can't even secure their own web site?" asks CASPIAN
Founder and Director Katherine Albrecht.

"It's ironic that the same people who assure us that our private data
will be safe because 'Internet security is very good, and it offers a
strong layer of protection' [see]
would provide such a compelling demonstration to the contrary," she

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2003-07-07
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