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Date: 2004-04-17 - Newsticker vom 17.4.2004

Aktuelle Rundschau aus dem Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten abseits der Privatsphäre. Schwerpunkte heute über RFID, Überwachung auf US-Flughäfen und die Schattenseiten der Mobilkommunikation
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Hier die Übersicht!

April 15, 2004
Charlottesville VA DNA Dragnet Called Off

April 13, 2004
The Business of RFID

April 13, 2004
DOD on RFID Trail

April 13, 2004
Ontario Airport Testing Surveillance System

April 09, 2004
Maryland County Now Able to Locate Cell Callers

April 09, 2004
California Ahead of the Curve on ID Fraud


Charlottesville VA DNA Dragnet Called Off
Charlottesville Virginia police announced that they would discontinue their practice of asking some black men to provide DNA samples as a method of identifying a serial rapist. In the past, the practice of racial profiling extended beyond traffic stops to include mass arrest in areas near the site of crimes. The question is not just whether the practice is constitutional, but would other racial groups be equally subjected to this practice given the same set of circumstances. Domestic law enforcements history would answer no to this question.

The Washington Post, April 15, 2004

The Business of RFID
Microsoft announced the creation of a RFID group to work on technology that is supported by the Microsoft platform. The group will include major clients of Mircrosoft who are engaged in supplying RFID products and services. With major efforts underway by the DOD and national retail chains like Wal Mart to incorporate the technology into their supply chain, companies that want to be major suppliers of the technology are working to position themselves now to better compete for RFID customers and market share.

The ADT Magazine, April 12, 2004

DOD on RFID Trail
The Department of Defense has recently completed trail of RFID technology provided by Alien Technology Corporation. The trial was designed to test if RFID technology improved efficiency of outbound shipments from the Navy Fleet Industrial Supply Center at the Norfolk Military Ocean Terminal for the DOD.

Press Release Alien Technology Corporation, April 13, 2004

Ontario Airport Testing Surveillance System
Southland Airport reports that over two hundred closed circuit televisions have been installed to monitor secure areas around the airport. Cameras are connected to alarm systems that will be triggered by unauthorized access. Airport personal monitor the televisions for suspicious activity.

NBC Channel 4, Los Angeles, CA, April 13, 2004

Maryland County Now Able to Locate Cell Callers
Montgomery County Maryland joined a short list of jurisdictions that arel using a new computer tracking system that allows police to identify the physical location of a cell phone caller. The technology triangulates location based on the caller’s proximity to the nearest cell phone tower. The accuracy is reported to be within a city block.

Washington Post, April 8, 2004

California Ahead of the Curve on ID Fraud
The California Senate bill, SB 1279, would require California companies to inform customer of unauthorized disclosures of their personal information. Personal information among other criterion is defined as name and any of the following pieces of information: social security number, drivers license, or credit card information. The bill would also bar hotels and motels from encoding personal information in the magnetic stripe of room keys.

Channel 10 - KXTV, Sacramento California

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edited by Doser
published on: 2004-04-17
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