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Date: 2004-06-27

US: Copyrightwahnsin grassiert weiter

10 Jahre Knast fuer das Mitfilmen eines Hollywoodschinken und das Verbot jeglicher digitalen Verbreitungstechnologien stehen auf dem Programm. Von freiem Wettbewerb und Demokratie kann keine Rede mehr sein, wenn die Rechtsverdreher Hollywoods Gesetzte so massiv beeinflussen.
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Congress Looks Out for Hollywood
By Katie Dean
Congress advanced or passed several bills this week that would
increase penalties for infringing copyright, and outlaw devices and
software that could be used to illegally copy and distribute content.
And on Friday, it passed a bill that would throw anyone caught videotaping a movie in theater into prison
for up to three to 10 years.
Even existing devices and
software -- like iPods and FTP servers -- could run afoul of the law.
"The reality of this is that you're going to have a world where
Hollywood controls technology," said Jason Schultz, an attorney with
the Electronic Frontier Foundation. "If you don't get Hollywood's
approval, no one will fund your project out of fear of the lawsuits."
But the technology industry and Hollywood likely will fight a big
battle, and it's not certain the bill will find enough backing to
become law, analysts said.


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edited by Abdul Alhazred
published on: 2004-06-27
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