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Date: 2005-02-15

Die NSA als Standardisierungs/truppe

Weil der Datenverbund des Heimat/schutz/komplexes in erster Linie Unsicherheiten produziert, soll nun die NSA die Standards für die innere Daten/sicherheit der USA definieren.
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The Bush administration is considering making the National Security Agency [...] its "traffic cop" for ambitious plans to share homeland security information across government computer networks, a senior agency official says.

Such a decision would expand NSA's responsibility to help defend the complex network of data pipelines carrying warnings and other sensitive information. It would also require significantly more money for the ultra-secret spy agency.

The NSA's director for information assurance, Daniel G. Wolf [...] told The Associated Press that computer networks at U.S. organizations are like medieval castles, each protected by different-size walls and moats.

As the U.S. government moves increasingly to share sensitive security information across agencies, weaknesses inside one department can become opportunities for outsiders to penetrate the entire system, Wolf warned. Attackers could steal sensitive information or deliberately spread false information.

"If someone isn't working on being a traffic cop, giving guidance on how secure they need to be, a risk that is taken by one castle is really shared by other castles," Wolf said. "Who's defining the standards? Who says how high the walls should be?"

The NSA already helps protect systems deemed vital to the nation's security, such as those involved in intelligence, cryptography and weapons. Wolf said the administration is considering whether to designate its fledgling information-sharing efforts also under the NSA's purview.
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edited by Harkank
published on: 2005-02-15
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