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Date: 2007-04-18

Netz/zensur: FACT braucht Unterstuetzung!

In Thailand kämpft FACT nach Ausschöpfung aller rechtlichen Mittel weiter für eine Abschaffung der Zensur im Netz. Die Aktivisten bitten nur darum im Rest der Welt - also im Netz - wahrgenommen zu werden. Da vor staatlicher Repression in einem Land, in dem Menschen einfach verschwinden, nur Öffentlichkeit schützt, ersuchen wir um offensive Verbreitung dieser Nachrichten und Links [siehe unten].
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Dear E...,

Thank you for your article!

Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) has been spearheading a campaign against censorship over the past year.

We have now exhausted all legal remedies. Our next step will be to initiate a class-action human rights lawsuit against Thai government censors.

We think it crucial to the success of our campaign to maximise international exposure via international support. Our campaign gains credibility if the whole world is watching.

Quintessenz is vocal in defence of global democracy, human rights and civil liberties. We hope we can count on your support.

We urge you to sign to the statement of support for FACT which follows. Feel free to amend it in any way or write your own! More details are available on our website.

Please link to our website, contact your supporters to sign our petition and issue a press release of support.

Thank you so much.

For freedom, CJ Hinke Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT)

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Censorship curtails public access to information, academic research, media freedom, business competition and simple human discourse.

The Internet provides a medium for participatory democracy. It offers global access to everyone. The World Wide Web gives all people an equal and anonymous voice. Anonymity in many countries is a citizen's only safe haven.

We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of communication, freedom of association, freedom of thought, freedom of opinions, freedom of ideas.

The modern world cannot afford censorship. No one must be silenced.

In particular, all concerns regarding conflict in the Muslim South have been muzzled. All political discussion on Internet fora have been blocked or self-censored.

Democracy in Thailand has become a victim of censorship which is done illegally, unConstitutionally and in secret.

We demand the immediate, unconditional STOP to all censorship in Thailand.


-- Website: < > Petition: <>


Contact details: CJ Hinke email: <> tel. (+66)087-976-1880 (English) Supinya Klangnarong <> ¿¿¿ 086-788-9322

-.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO & Board of Directors Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheater Parkway Mountain View CA 94043 USA


Dear Googlies,

On November 16, 2006, Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT) wrote you of our concerns that Google would cooperate with Internet censorship here. You replied on November 17 that Google had no intention of assisting the Thai government in its illegal Web blocking.

And now we have YouTube. YouTube is a fine example of the kind of free expression and public participation possible because of the very nature of an unfettered Internet.

The press in Thailand has reported that the entire YouTube site was blocked because the Thai government couldn't figure out how to block the single video which The Official Censor of the Military Coup found so offensive.

Google, admirably, refused to delete the video and comply with the Thai censors.

However, FACT now understands that Google plans to are help the Thai government by teaching them how to block individual videos on YouTube.

Censorship, Friends, is a slippery slope. In every instance, the censors become drunk with their own power and never know where to stop.

We feel the most responsible sort of censorship occurs at home: Don't like it, don't look.

If you assist such censorship, Google will have compromised the integrity of your reply to FACT in November.

We think censorship in Thailand, where all Web blocking is done illegally and in secret, conceals a hidden political agenda. FACT feels the ICT ministry will block many videos dissenting from the view of the Thai government such as videos of the insurgent situation in our Muslim South, commentary from our deposed prime minister, the hundreds of tortured and disappeared, the thousands of extrajudicial killings.

When government acts to excess (45,000+ websites blocked), it is up to all thinking people to oppose them.

Please don't facilitate Thai censorship. "Do no evil."

Freedom, CJ Hinke

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2007-04-18
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