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Date: 1999-02-26

Anti-MP3: MagicGate kastriert Schnittstellen

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Die Sound- & Geld/druck/lobby Secure Digital Music Initiative
angeführt Sony will durch ein MagicGate der drohenden
Scheissgasse entkommen, in die sie durch MP3 zu geraten
droht. De facto ist es ein Dongle, vermittels dessen man die
serielle Schnittstelle kastriert.

post/scrypt: Wer weiss ein weiteres Beispiel, wofür das
Wörtchen "sicher" noch zu verwenden ist?

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7:40 a.m. 25.Feb.99.PST
The company on Thursday proposed new copyright-
protection methods to the Secure Digital Music Initiative, the
industry-standards group formed in response to the surge in
popularity of MP3.
Sony said its protection system comes in two parts --
MagicGate and OpenMG. MagicGate is for recording and
playback devices, and OpenMG is for computers. The
company said the two together allow digital music "to be
'moved' rather than copied, while preventing unauthorized
copying, playback, and transmission."

MagicGate uses embedded microchips "to limit transmission
of music between compliant devices and media," Sony said.
Under OpenMG, a separate piece of hardware installed on
the computer serial port would limit transmission to
authorized devices.
"For example, promotional tracks could be limited to a single
playback, whereas other content could be played back freely,
a certain number of times, or over a limited playback period,"
the company said. Or, "users could choose to purchase a
music track after sampling it once for free or users could
receive a limited."
Earlier this month, IBM unveiled its Madison project, which it
will test in San Diego this spring. Under that system, the
testers will download the songs and burn the music onto
recordable CDs which are playable on a regular stereo. That
effort has the backing of BMG, EMI, Sony Music, Universal
Music, and Warner Music.

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edited by Harkank
published on: 1999-02-26
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