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Date: 1999-04-07

CFP99 Kongress: ENFOPOL a gogo

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Die zweite Podiumsdiskussion auf der CFP99 stiess auf allerhand
Interesse beim Publikum. Neben dem Kongressabgeordneten BOB
Barr und Stuart Charney [Us Justizministerium] sassen dort nämlich
vier Europäer [UK, Frankreich, Russland, Österreich] und teilten den
jeweils letzten Stand in Sachen fortschreitender Lauschangriff in den
genannten Ländern mit. Die Informations/Puzzle/teile ergaben in der
Zusammenschau ein durchaus grausliches Bild vom alten Kontinent.

post/scrypt: update kommt bevor es Nacht wird in Europa.
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Robert MacMillan


A variety of international speakers at today's panel spoke of the
threat to freedom of privacy in daily lives and communications not
only through Echelon, a satellite-based UK/US-stewarded spy
network, but the proposed Enfopol system.

Enfopol is a purported FBI/European Union-led initiative to conduct
surveillance on phone conversations and Internet access. Most of the
participants in today's session railed against the possibility that any
communications all over the world easily could be intercepted
because of Enfopol.

Steven Wright of the UK's Omega Foundation said these spy
networks are not just used to halt criminal activity, but to keep watch
on groups like Amnesty International and to look over the shoulder of
business deals.

"It's a transatlantic agenda for making the telephone system
transparent," Wright said. He added that now-former European
Commissioner Martin Bangemann told the EU's European Parliament
that he had no knowledge of Echelon.
Barr said many members in Congress need to be prodded into
addressing the illegal use of wiretapping in the name of national
security because the issue currently is not a "headline-grabber."

"It's going to take hitting these issues any way you can, over and
over and over again... so they cannot be ignored," Barr said. "It will
require even more than legislation... it will require oversight."

Barr also said that the issue of protecting US citizens' privacy rights
must not degenerate into partisan issues, saying that proponents of
increased wiretapping capabilities (such as the FBI with Enfopol and
its CALEA proposals) will try to introduce partisan splits into
Congress to try to take away from initiatives to preserve personal

Erich Moechel, an Austrian journalist following the Enfopol
developments, said that his country already is laying the groundwork
for allowing Enfopol to thrive, having recently given conditional
approval to a law that allows wiretapping without court orders.

Scott Charney of the US Justice Department said that the US does
not conduct surveillance activities for no reason, adding that he
doubted that a huge majority of phone calls all over the world are
being tapped. "I don't know who you would find to process that
information," he said. "We do indict people for illegal wiretapping." He
added, however, that the increasing globalization of information
makes law enforcement's job difficult because it "still recognizes
Charney added that approximately 1,000 wiretaps on the combined
federal, state and local levels are conducted each year in the US.
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published on: 1999-04-07
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