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Date: 1999-06-28

UK implantiert ENFOPOL

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Was zu befürchten war, ist eingetreten. Grossbritannien
setzt die ENFOPOL Proposals um, Moratorium des EU-
Ministerrats, Proteste der GSM & Internet/provider, von
Bürgerrechtlern & der ganz normalen Community, hin oder

Andere [sozialdemokratische] Regierungen werden folgen, so
war das seit dem Treffen von Trevi 1993 intendiert.

Das österreichische Polizei/befugnis/gesetz, ein weiterer
Klon von ENFOPOL, ist nur deshalb noch immer in der
Schwebe, weil Wahlen anstehen. Wir werden uns noch
wundern, wenn sie vorüber sind.

Duncan Campbell 28.06.99

Consultation paper on the Interception of Communications
published in circumstances intended to minimise reporting or
public discussion.

Controversial new plans for intercepting e-mail, the Internet,
pagers, mobile phones and all new types
telecommunications services were proposed in Britain last
week. If the new law is passed as proposed, all
"communications service providers" (CSPs) will be required
at their own expense to build in government interception
facilitities to their networks. The proposed new law follows
the specifications secretly agreed by European police
officials in the ENFOPOL plans revealed last year.

Legal obligations to be imposed on CSPs will include all
Internet Service Providers operating in the UK, whether large
or small. It will also cover "interception of business
telecommunication services, ranging from basic networks of
a few lines found within a small office to large networks
linking offices, in both the public and private sectors".

Developing or introducing new networks or systems which
cannot be monitored will breach the new interception law,
according to the British Home Office. The need to provide
interception interfaces "will be an ongoing requirement which
CSPs will have to consider each time they develop their
network or introduce new services".

The government expects the British telecommunications
industry, not the police, to pay all the costs of installing
tapping facilities. They expect CSPs "Communication
Service Providers to pay for the provision and maintenance of
the basic intercept capability defined in the requirements
issued by the Secretary of State".

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edited by Harkank
published on: 1999-06-28
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