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Date: 1999-11-28


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Crypto-Archivar John Young über TEMPEST - die
Bildschirmabstrahlung als Angriffspunkt für elektronische
Das posting ging an die [ziemlich karätig besetzte] ukcrypto
mailing list, was den letzten Abschnitt verständlich macht.
Dass jede Recherche zu TEMPEST in Cambridge beginnen
sollte, ihr Ende aber sei in Fort Meade, ist dann klar, wenn
man weiß, dass Ross Anderson [auch auf der Liste ist ] von
der Uni Cambridge ziemlich gut über TEMPEST Phänomene
Bescheid weiss, mehr als er wissen wahrscheinlich nur die
Herren von der in Fort Meade ansässigen NSA.

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The world-class Tempest experts on this list will excuse my
temerity of clumsily pursuing the topic. Response from
outside the would be welcome to supplement a few inquiries
we've made in the US.

Is it not the case that "anti-Tempest" is a redundancy,
"Tempest" meaning measures taken against compromising
emanations from electronic equipment, cabling, wiring,
peripherals, even from metal objects such as radiators and
piping which may serve as antenna-like devices (your house
wiring may be broadcasting your most intimate cyber-
secrets, pre- and post-encryption.)

There are Tempest products available in the commercial
market, many of which have evolved from military, intel and
law enforcement programs. However, the most effective of
them do not rise to the level of military requirements and even
then are export restricted. Is that the case elsewhere?

As an alternative to the traditional Faraday cage we mention
a type which is available. That is the metalized fabric tent or
portable shielded enclosure. A US company, BEMA, makes
portable enclosures of various sizes, including desktop
models. Have a look:

The head of BEMA says there has been a substantial
increase in purchases of their products recently, in the US
and outside (exports to NATO mil/gov/gov-contractors are

For more technical details there's an August 1999 paper,
"Analysis of Shielded Tents and Other Electrically Thin
Shielded Rooms:" (5 pp., 738K ! )

We must call attention to what is probably the most
informative Web site on publically available Tempest
information at:

There you discover links to more information than can be
consumed in a sitting, the exemplary work at Cambridge
centered in the table.

The threat to cryptographic security of Tempest technology is
a story worth writing, super-ept much needed, an interview
which should begin in Cambridge and end in Ft. Meade.

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edited by Harkank
published on: 1999-11-28
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