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Date: 1999-12-02

Crypto: FBI gegen IETF-Wortfuehrer

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Einer der Wortführer gegen den Einbau von
Überwachungsschnittstellen ins Internet Protokoll von der
IETF [Internet Engineering Task Force] wurde im Anschluß
an die überwältigende Ablehnung einer Ermittlung durch das
FBI zugeführt.
post/scrypt: Hat wer das von der McCarthy Ära und
Dissidenten/hatz gesagt?

Mehr über den Anlaß:

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Crypto Advocate Under FBI Investigation

Tuesday, November 30, 1999 - We recently published a story
regarding cryptography and IPv6, where somseone at the
Department of Justice accused Scott Bradner, Internet
Engineering Task Force (IETF) area coordinator, of an anti-
social act by trying to get encryption inserted into the new
protocol. Later, at an IETF meeting where votes were taken
for IPv6 encryption inclusion, Fore System's Brian Rosen
brazenly claimed that regardless of any encryption inclusion,
Fore systems would proceed by including back doors into
any included encryption technology. But the harrassment of
the IETF doesn't stop there.
We learned that William Allen Simpson, a Detroit-based
computer consultant who was on the IETF staff, has been
investigated by the federal government for treason charges.
Simpson was the person that argued loudly for encryption to
be included in the PPP protocol when it was still in design
phases. That push landed Simpson in hot whatever with
federal officials. Simpson learned through friends that he was
under investigation for treason -- the FBI had been
interviewing his friends and associates.

Simpson obtained 54 pages of documents from the
government under the Freedom of Information act,
Simpson did learn that the FBI had accused him of
"challenging authority and laws that may impinge upon his

Wait a second! Isn't that part of what the Constitution is all
about--the means to peacefully object to the laws of the
The IETF is an open public standards body that conducts its
business in clear public view. They help stear standards that
better ensure compatibility and interoperability. So why would
the FBI investigate an IETF member just because that person
suggested in a public meeting that strong encryption be
included in a standard wide-spread protocol such as PPP?

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published on: 1999-12-02
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