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Date: 1999-12-21

"ECHELON war mein Baby"

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Wie zwei dänische Journalisten eine ehemalige Mitarbeiterin der
NSA in Las Vegas aufspürten und was sie ihnen sonst noch erzählte.

Bo Elkjaer, einer der beiden, gehört dem informellen ENFOPOL-
Busters-Netzwerk europäischer Journalisten an.
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"Ekstra Bladet meets Margaret Newsham in her home in a sleepy
Las Vegas suburb. For obvious reasons we are omitting the name of
the town where Margaret Newsham is trying to lead a normal life.
She has never mentioned her past to her neighbors. A past in which
Margaret Newsham has been in close contact with the very core of
the most secretive world of all worlds. Margaret Newsham helped
build the electronic surveillance system known as Echelon. Today
she has broken off connection with the world of espionage and lives
in constant fear that ‘certain elements’ in the NSA or CIA will try to
silence her. As a result, she sleeps with a loaded pistol under her
mattress, and her best friend is Mr. Gunther - a 120-pound German
shepherd that was trained to be a guard and attack dog by a good
friend in the Nevada State Police. Only once before has Newsham
told anybody about her work as an Echelon spy: during closed, top-
secret hearings held by the US Congress in 1988. Today, Margaret
breaks eleven years of silence by telling the press for the very first
time about her work for the most extensive espionage network in the

Der gesamte lange artikel
-- Bo Elkjær and Kenan Seeberg
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edited by Harkank
published on: 1999-12-21
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