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Date: 2000-01-21

ENFOPOL a la Americaine

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Zugriffe ohne Gerichtsbeschluss auf E-Mails und Verbindungsdaten
von Handys, das wollen die gesetzlich ermächtigten Behörden - "Sie
nehmen was sie kriegen können, auch wenn es nicht in den
gesetzen explizit festgeschrieben steht" sgat die Anwältin der
Electronic Frontier Foundation, die zusammen mit EPIC und ACLU
gegen das Abhörgesetz klagt.

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Declan McCullagh

3:00 a.m. 21.Jan.2000 PST WASHINGTON -- US privacy groups
have asked an appeals court to overturn federal regulations that they
say will let cops track Web browsing and email without a warrant.

The civil liberties organizations say the US Circuit Court of Appeals
for the District of Columbia should unceremoniously trash the privacy-
invading rules drafted by the Federal Communications Commission.

In a 35-page brief filed Thursday, the groups said that the FCC's
August 1999 response to a 1994 wiretap law goes too far, giving
police too much surveillance authority and the ability to track mobile
phone customers.

"They want to get as much information as they can, even though it's
not explicitly stated in the law," says Deborah Pierce, an attorney for
the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The legal tussle involves a debate only a lawyer could love: how easy
it should be to spy on different types of communications, such as the
numbers dialed as part of a phone call rather than the conversation

The Justice Department, which is defending the lawsuit on behalf of
the FCC, says that packet communications, such as the Internet,
should be open for police eavesdropping.

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2000-01-21
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