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Date: 2000-03-05

Agenten als List-Members

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Wie es ist, eine länderüberschreitende Mailing-list zum
Thema Civil Rights, Abhören und Privacy zu betreuen und
dabei von einem der Subscriber kontaktiert zu werden, die
dubioser/weise auf der anderen Seite der Barrikade
angesiedelt sind, davon erzählt Matthew Gaylor.

post/scrypt: "Freematt" ist eine in einem voluminösen Körper
angesiedelte Seele von einem Menschen, die eine große
Liebe zu Glock-Pistolen aus AT-Land und eine grundlegende
Abneigung gegen die Treibjagd auf sogenannte Drogen sowie
die Administration Clinton hat.

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In the course of running a worldwide mailing list dealing with
occasionally controversial intelligence/law enforcement
issues, I've picked up a number of readers who work for the
government. I've got subscribers who are policemen in my
home town, deputy sheriffs, state patrolmen, former and
current members of the CIA, NSA, NASA, FDA and a host of
other dot.govs. I also have a contingent of military
subscribers. When I post I always keep this fact in mind.

With some family and friends, I've encountered what I've
come to call "Intellectual schizophrenia". On the one hand
they tell me that my ideas of personal freedom and of a
government out of control are silly. Then during the same
conversation they ask something like "Aren't you afraid they
might do something to you? And "You're probably at the top
of their list." I always reply to their blank stares "Who's

Recently I've been posting information on UKUSA's Echelon,
the global spy network. In particular I posted some info from
John Young's <> excellent site:

and this quote from

"They constantly broadcast disinformation to television and
radio audiences in Haiti, Serbia, Colombia, Mexico and

Lo and behold, I got contacted by a member of the US Army
Reserve's 246th Psychological Operations Company from
Columbus, Ohio who took exception with that comment. His
title is All-Source Intelligence Analyst and Psychological
Operations Specialist.

He claims to have contacted me as a private citizen and he
mentioned that he didn't tell me anything that wasn't open
information. I engaged with him over several emails then I
switched into an IRC channel for a couple of hours and I
quizzed him on several issues that some of you may find
noteworthy. I'll refer to him as Agent X out respect for his

Agent X wrote: I find it interesting how people with very little
information about what information the U.S. Actually does put
out are so quick to judge. The USIA/USIS and Army Psyop
do try to earn people's support for U.S. policy. This
"disinformation" that is put out is Mine awareness so that
children don't end up dead or maimed, they try to get civilians
to clear military convoy routes so that relief aid can be
transported to the needy, like the orphanage in Haiti that had
run out of food because a tropical storm had knocked out the
bridge on the only road to them. The U.S. did not engage in
the use of the Internet as an information tool in Bosnia as the
legality of the issue was still under debate. Under U.S. law
and Army Policy no Psyop may be conducted on U.S.
citizens. The internet being an open medium would have
allowed U.S. citizens to be subjected to the information. As
such the internet was not used.

An article written about my Psychological Operations Unit in

Matthew Gaylor's response: I opinioned that sending troops
down to Haiti to perform community service seems like a
total waste of money as the service could have been done by
a well equipped Boy Scout troop.

Agent X continued: The goal of psyop is to win the hearts and
minds...the nuns were you think they supported
our mission there after that? My units mission is tactical
meaning we coordinate radio broadcasts, distribute fliers and
do loudspeaker broadcasts. I know the internet was not
used for psyop in bosnia for a fact. The army was still
developing its policy on that medium. There is a terrific after
action report online that discussing the failure of the US to
seize this medium.

This is the end notes that discusses the internet failure. I
warn you its quite dry and the psyop bit is towards the end.
At the base of the page is URLs to the rest of the site for the
full article.

Matthew Gaylor responded: I can fully believe that the
Internet wasn't used in Haiti, after all it isn't used in Cuba
either, because hardly anybody has a decent supply of toilet
paper let alone Internet access.

Agent X responds: As to the internet and haiti... the
comment had to do more with our supposed "disinformation"
then on the use of the internet but your right in Haiti that
would be a poor medium.

The US is just now bringing its Psyop units up for capability
to use the internet. All information distributed must be
approved by the National Command during peace time. SO
everything we get is drawn up by others. That way the entire
campaign is coordinated effectively and no messages that
would offend are put out.

What I'm saying is that up to 1997 the US had not been
involved in psyacts on the internet. That was
as to Kosovo in 1999 the situation hasn't changed much...but
we will use any means to cripple an enemies communication
systems...such as denial of service and such in serbia.


The following interchanges occurred between myself
(Wagthedogy) and Agent X using an instant message
service. Some of the comments started out specific to Ohio,
but then branched out.

Wagthedogy: What does Sen. Mike Dewine (R) Ohio have?
Agent X: Influence in Washington Wagthedogy I mean,
what issues? Agent X He's pretty standard party line
republican Wagthedogy: You mean gun control, larger
government etc.? Agent X: well theoretically...republicans
want smaller government Wagthedogy: Don't listen to what
they say watch what they do. In psyopps you should know
that. Agent X: yes but I'm not a total libertarian either Agent
X: is why I pick and choose Wagthedogy: It doesn't
matter how libertarian you are. What matters is if you believe
in freedom and the constitution. Agent X: I believe in strong
national defense Wagthedogy: Me too Wagthedogy: But we
have troops in Columbia fighting the drug war as an example.
Agent X: we provide MI support Agent X: and occasionally
we send units to train with the columbians Wagthedogy:
Delta is on the ground in Columbia running missions Agent X:
Yes and usarso has done it too and one of my good friends
was there.

Wagthedogy: What major issue to you differ with the
Libertarians? Agent X: yes but I don't think we should have
no government either Wagthedogy: Me either Agent X: I
believe in some foreign aid and intervention Wagthedogy:
How much and to who? Agent X: To any ally strategically of
interest to us. Georgia is a huge one at the moment. It is
important we keep russia from redominating half the world
Wagthedogy: Like Chile? Kissinger once remarked it was a
giant dagger pointed towards antarctica <grin> Wagthedogy:
3 billion to Israel? Agent X: Georgia is at the center of a
sphere of influence that surrounds the majority of the worlds

Wagthedogy: Here's a question for you. What is your world
view? What do you believe? Agent X: world view? meaning?
Wagthedogy: Ideology, culture, religion, you're relationship
to others, etc. Agent X: As an american I was brought up
in one of the most ethnocentric cultures in the world as to
religion I'm atheist as to a christian god...agnostic as to a
God. I was raised lower income protestant Am now middle
income. Is that what you wanted to know or? Wagthedogy:
What about your political ideology. What thinkers/writers
have influenced you? Agent X: well not really political but I
like to politics I haven't read much I've read
Machevellis "The Prince", Thomas More's "Utopia", I've read
Brave New World, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm...all
those sorts of things. Wagthedogy: That's a good start.
Wagthedogy: Do you plan to enter the Army full time?
Agent X: no...having dual job specialties in the army...with
psyop and mi always short handed I can be on active duty as
much as I want

Agent X: SWIC is the Special Warfare Instruction
Center...well the John Fitzgerald Kenenedy SWIC...its at Ft.
Bragg anyway their website will probably tell you more
Wagthedogy: What schools in the Army have you been to?
Agent X: basic training ft leonard wood, ait ft huachuca - all
source intel analyst course,basic airborne ft benning,jrtc ft
polk, ft knox psychological operations specialist.
Wagthedogy: I sure hope you didn't help set up the
loudspeakers at WACO Agent X: No Wagthedogy: That's
an example of psyopps. Agent X: if any psyop was there at
all it was the 321s or 5th I forget out of dallas. But I'm pretty
sure that was FBI stuff not Army. National guard was there
but they have no psyop assets. For psyop to have been there
they would have had to be called up by presidential order.
Wagthedogy: FBI with Delta advisors.

[End note from Matthew Gaylor: I edited the above text for
clarity and I sniped some irrelevant commentary.]
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Connectivity statt Isolierung
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edited by Harkank
published on: 2000-03-05
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