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Date: 2000-03-08

DeCSS-Prozess Update

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Declan McCullagh über die Fährnisse bei der Verteidigung
der DeCSS-Hacker, einer gewissen Mischung aus genialem
Nerdism, Unkonzentriertheit & Unbekümmertheit. Selbiges
kann auch auf der internen List der Main Suspects
beobachtet werden. Während die Mediencopyrightlobby mit
schweren Geschützen auffährt diskutiert man munter über
Details, wie ProtestFlyer aussehen sollte oder verspinnt sich
in höhere Programmiererei.
Wie man herauslesen kann, sind die meisten noch keine
zwanzig Jahre alt.

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by Declan McCullagh

3:00 a.m. 8.Mar.2000 PST In the trench warfare between the
motion picture industry and the Linux and hacker
communities, it's pretty obvious who can afford to spend the
most on lawyers.

The eight Motion Picture Association of America member
companies, which have been battling the DVD-descrambling
utility called DeCSS, have hired one of the largest, oldest,
and meanest law firms in New York city, Proskauer Rose.
They've got so many lawyers to spare that they flew some to
the Bay Area just to sit in on a hearing in a separate case.

Read more Technology news Everybody's got issues in

By contrast, it's been two months, but the Electronic Frontier Foundation still hasn't found a law firm in New York that will work for cheap and doesn't have any conflict of interest problems.

In the related Connecticut case, the lawyer representing the hacker-defendant also has a profitable practice in equine -- that is, horse -- law.

But the beleaguered defense teams, which have been
defeated in two of two cases so far, have a not-so-secret
weapon: The Internet and open collaboration.

In fact, the concept is precisely the opposite of secret. The
idea is simple: A legal argument can be developed in an open
forum that anyone can join and participate in, and eventually
the best ideas will bubble up to the top.

The discussion group is called, appropriately enough, "dvd-
discuss," and it's part of the so-called open-law project
organized by Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet
and Society.

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Connectivity statt Isolierung
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published on: 2000-03-08
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