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Date: 2000-04-06

Krypto/sieg: Source Code ist "protected speech"

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Ein wichtiges Urteil aus dem Jahre 1998 wurde gerade
revidiert, Source Code ist doch nicht rein funktional, sondern
mit Schrift und Sprache gleichzusetzen, womit etwa die
Veröffentlichung des Source von Krypto-Programmen unter
die freie Meinungsäußerung fällt, die in den USA besonders
geschützt ist.


post/skrypt: Wenn wir schon beim Historischen sind - grad
eben ist die q/depesche mit 1097 Ausgaben an mittlerweile
2600 Adressat/inn/en in ihr zweites Jahr gegangen, die
quintessenz ist seit 66 Monaten im www.

Wir danken allen, die uns dabei geholfen haben, vor allem
jenen, die gute News zur Weiterleitung an uns relayen.

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Buried beneath the Nasdaq angst and Microsoft recapping
was news of a big legal victory for cryptologists and coders.
Still, a few outlets found room to report on Case Western law
professor Peter Junger's free-speech victory against the
federal government in a federal appeals court.

The case began when Junger wanted to post encryption
codes on his Web site for his computer-law students. When
the government told the prof that he needed a license
because of National Security Agency regulations covering the
export of encryption software, he sued.

The case hinged on whether code was a form of speech.
Overturning a 1998 ruling by a federal district court, the
appeals court ruled that it was. Wired News quoted the
unanimous ruling of the three-judge panel: "Because
computer source code is an expressive means for the
exchange of information and ideas about computer
programming, we hold that it is protected by the First

Obviously, the ruling has wide implications for coders. As
CNET reported, "According to some legal analysts,
programmers accused of wrongdoing could find a powerful
First Amendment defense if the decision holds. For example,
some theorized that today's decision could test the balance
between free speech and copyright protections in litigation
between the movie industry and Web operators accused of
circulating a program that lets people crack the security on
DVDs." With this ruling so close on the heels of the
Microsoft decision, one might almost believe that our legal
system really works. - Michelle Goldberg

Crypto Regs Challenged Again,1283,35425,00.html

Court: Programming Languages Covered by First
1641004.html? 41021.1005-200-

Court: Computer Programming Languages Protected by First
Amendment (AP)

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published on: 2000-04-06
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