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Date: 2000-05-09

Simon Davies über EU-Ueberwachungsunion

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Simon Davies über EU-Ueberwachungsunion

Dies ist nur einer von mehreren Gründen, warum World Information
Org empfohlen wird.

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You might not have noticed it yet, but your boss probably has you
under surveillance. SIMON DAVIES reports from Britain on a
disturbing trend.

Don Falmer lurks in the murky world of Britain's private investigators.
His job is to plant bugs in company offices. Falmer's latest toy is the
"Computer Keyboard Monitoring System" developed by UK company
Vascom. It connects to the computer via the keyboard plug, from
which it is powered, and transmits every keystroke to a receiver
module, which can be located up to 150 metres away. No wires. The
receiving module can be connected to a standard printer, which then
records all keystrokes. Alternatively, an optional LCD display can be
used to display all characters as they are typed.

He is also proud of the gear for his "special" covert operations. Twice
last month he had the opportunity to install the state-of-the-art in
covert audio bugs: a remotely operated, multiple room monitoring
system called DIAL (Direct Intelligent Access Listening, supplied by
Lorraine Electronics) DIAL allows an operator to monitor
conversations in several rooms from an unlimited distance without
the use of transmitters. Up to four concealed microphones are
connected to the telephone line, and these are activated and
controlled by making a "coded" telephone call to the building. It is
entirely powered by the telephone line and will function maintenance
free for several years.

Falmer is up to his neck in surveillance work. Every day, three, four,
five companies ask him to bug their workers. "It's a sure thing that
when a company suspects one of it's staff is touting for a new job,
they'll bug every conversation he has".

"And you can bet that when a company suspects foul play, it will bug
everything from the phone lines to the locker rooms".

Europe is awash with technologies that can eavesdrop on
computers, bug phones and spy on intimate moments. It's a game
anyone can play.

The range of new technologies, and their almost limitless range of
functions, is creating a buoyant economy in the snoop market. Rapid
advances in telephone intercept equipment, video camera
technology, identification technologies and intelligence gathering
systems have created an unprecedented sweep of opportunities for
anyone with an inquiring mind.

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2000-05-09
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