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DeCSS als Kunst betrachtet Druck mich
Date: 2000-08-29T20:59:14

DeCSS als Kunst betrachtet

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Jetzt ist zur Abwechslung einmal Kunst angesagt. Der Code,
auf den laut einem US Gerichtsurteil nicht mehr gelinkt
werden darf, wird jetzt zur Kunst und damit einer Diskussion
zugeführt. Mal sehen, ob das Lande des Free Speech wohl
auch verboten wird.


Welcome to the DeCSS Art Contest

A small special-interest group representing a tiny minority of
movie tycoons has recently pushed the united states
legislation in its favor. While minority groups do deserve
special protection in free societies, that does not mean they
can enforce their specific cultural values on everyone else.
Both the members of this specific minority group and the
organization representing them - the MPAA - are both, filthy
rich and awkwardly stupid. This does not, however, seem to
be the determining characteristic, or otherwise the group
would be much larger. These attributes have led to a situation
where this minority group has bought or otherwise through
force, bribery and plain-old lying acquired special rights far
above and beyond what they deserve, even as a tiny minority
group. One of their recent lies was that a small decryption
tool called DeCSS is stealing DVDs, destroying the economy
of California, endangering the common ant and ripping black
holes into the structure of the universe. Points three and four
are currently being researched, but point one and two are the
subject of this webpage.

Express Yourself

DeCSS is, of course, an expression. It touches science,
politics and art - all three of the highest importance to our
culture. Surprisingly, the battle over it is not fought in any of
these areas. Maybe because the MPAA chose the
battleground, and has, of course, no idea about science or
art and knows politics only as something you can buy. DeArt
is one of a series of attempts to move the perception of the
general public into the real arenas. As the name implies,
DeArt is an art contest. It centers around DeCSS, but
focusses primarily on the art and the contest.

The rules are as follows:

Contest entries can be any kind of digital artistic expression.
Pictures, music, text - anything that you can digitize counts.
Contest entries must (of course) be your original creations.
Contest entries must have DeCSS as the topic, or use
DeCSS in the creation or as part of the art. This point will be
ruled on a case-by-case basis in case of doubt, but as a
rough guideline, anything that could not have been created
were DeCSS to be banned completely will definitely count.
Contest entries must be submitted to The contest will run from September
1st to December 31st, 2000. There will be one minor price
every month and one major price at the end of the contest for
the most interesting or provocative items submitted.
Submitting your creation to the contest means you give me
the right to reproduce your item on the webpage or in other
places related to the contest. Aside from this, you retain full
copy- and other rights of your artwork. A jury will decide on
the winning entry every month. The jury currently contains
Jon Johansen (one of the authors of DeCSS) and myself.

Yes, there are prices. Every month, the winner can select
any books, CDs, DVDs or other items from any place that
allows online-orders. The winner can choose items costing
up to $50 total (including shipping). The items will be ordered
by me, with any address the winner wishes (usually his own)
as the shipping address. At the end of the contest, the overal
winner (not necessarily one of the four minor winners) will
receive a price of $100 the same way. No cash prices.
Values of the prices may be raised if someone wishes to
sponsor the contest.

Questions, Contact, Guilt

This contest is created and executed by Tom Vogt
<>. Contact me if you have any questions.
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