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Date: 2001-02-12

Steganographie: Bin Laden im Porno-Chat

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William Knowles, Editor des Newsletters ISN über die neu
aufgekochte, steinalte Story von argen Terroristen, die über
Chatrooms und Pornosites steganographische
Kommunikationsnetzwerke errichten


post/scrypt: Nein, so ein schöner Titel, wenn der nicht
irgendeinen Stichwort-Mechanismus triggert, dann steht die
Welt der Paranoia nimmer lang...
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by William Knowles <wk@C4I.ORG>
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Amazing what kind of FUD is being pushed out to the news
media today, and while it sounds like new technology, Its
really old hat.

> Hidden in the X-rated pictures on several pornographic Web
sites > and the posted comments on sports chat rooms may
lie the encrypted > blueprints of the next terrorist attack
against the United States > or its allies. It sounds farfetched,
but U.S. officials and > experts say it's the latest method of
communication being used by > Osama bin Laden and his
associates to outfox law enforcement.

Some years back I did this as a proof of concept, I took an
old domain I wasn't using and with PGP and a few select
steganography tools, We had ourselves a digital dead drop
that could have brought tears to an old intelligence officer. :)

Steganography if you haven't figured out takes one piece of
information and hides it within another.

Computer files (images, sounds recordings, even disks)
contain unused or insignificant areas of data. Steganography
takes advantage of these areas, replacing them with
information (encrypted mail, for instance). The files can then
be exchanged without anyone knowing what really lies inside
of them. An image of the space shuttle landing might contain
a private letter to a friend. A recording of a short sentence
might contain your company's plans for a secret new product.

Pinched from:

Now I don't doubt that people are using these programs to
create websites so that normal Joe 12-packs can't see what
is going on, but I have a hard time beliving that terrorists like
Osama bin Laden and his associates are running porn sites
and sports chat rooms, These are the same guys that tried
to get their deposit back on Ryder truck after trying to blow
up the World Trade Center in New York.

I also have to wonder if Osama bin Laden is really the most
immediate threat to the U.S. and its allies, or just the threat
that the intelligence community knows best.

I'm more worried about the next Aum Shinrikyo type of group
that isn't really on the radar of the intelligence community.

Lack of proof that terrorists are using steganography in
websites is another factor in this USAToday FUD, I suppose
that could be one of those mirrored sites:

Or even more sinister...

Some the defaced sites listed on Attrition with photos are
really defaced with hidden messages on future attack plans
and what site is next to be compromised with new and
updated information.

But sadly the only way most of us will find this out while
watching CNN Breaking News.

I wonder what's next?

William Knowles

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2001-02-12
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