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Date: 2001-02-27

Digitale Engel ueber uns

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Dieser miniatuirsierte Digital/transceiver named "Best in
Show, Client Services" auf der Internet World Wireless Show
2001, wird uns jetzunder, sowieso & fürderhin begleiten.

Direkt mit dem Global Positioning System verbunden, ein
einig Volk von Hampeln beiderlei Geschlechts in einem
einzigen globalen Kaff.

Dies unter Aufsicht eines Konglo/merats aus groß/kopferten
Companies & gesetzlich er/mächtigten Behörden, einer
kapitalistisch befeuerten Welt/provinz/behörde - ahem, ja.

Wenn halt weiterhin *zugesehen* wird, wie das passiert. Man
kann sich gleichzeitig allerhand Freiheiten aneignen, die auf
dem vor ein paar Äonen so genannten "Info-Highway"

125 MB content von cryptome durchsuchen, zum Beispiel:

300 weitere kommen nach.
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ohnesorge" <>
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-------- Original Message -------- Reply-To: Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 Subject:
Applied Digital Solutions

Solutions' Wholly Owned Subsidiary Digital Angel
Corporation Completes Acquisition of 16.6% Interest in
Medical Advisory Systems, Inc.

Business Editors, High Tech & Health/Medical Writers

Feb. 27, 2001--Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:
ADSX) and Medical Advisory Systems (AMEX: DOC) today
announced the completion of Applied Digital Solutions, Inc.'s
purchase through its wholly owned subsidiary Digital Angel
Corporation of a 16.6% interest in Medical Advisory
Systems, Inc. ("MAS") from members of senior management
of MAS. In conjunction with the transaction, MAS has
expanded the number of members to the Board of Directors
from five to seven. Robert Crabb has resigned from the board
and new members Mercedes Walton, President and COO of
Applied Digital Solutions, Inc., David A. Loppert, CEO of
SysComm International Corporation (OTC BB: SYCM), Dr.
Richard Seelig and Dr. Paul Sandberg have been named.
Through this transaction with MAS, Digital Angel will have
access to a secure, FDA-compliant ASP facility for
management of sensitive data and a 24/7 physician-staffed
medical call center for use by Digital Angel customers and
end-patients. In addition to location and bio-monitoring,
Digital Angel will now be able to offer subscribers to the
Digital Angel Delivery System the ability to have their medical
needs and emergencies monitored and treated by a
physician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year
from anywhere in the world. MAS will not only act as the
backbone to ensure Digital Angel's customers receive the
highest level of service possible, but will also provide
marketing expertise to MAS' extensive international customer
base. Digital Angel was recently named "Best in Show,
Client Services" at Internet World Wireless Show 2001 out of
a field of 170 international exhibitors. MAS joined Digital
Angel at the show and received an overwhelming response
from attendees, who were impressed by the availability of a
24/7 physician call-center as a level of service available to
Digital Angel Delivery System subscribers through MAS.
Mercedes Walton, President and COO of Applied Digital
Solutions, stated: "The completion of this transaction allows
us to further our strategy to define the Digital Angel 'product'
as a combination of device and service. MAS creates another
layer of premium services available to Digital Angel Delivery
Service subscribers, adding significantly to our first-mover
advantage. We were very excited to have MAS join us at the
Internet World Wireless show and were very impressed with
the response that MAS received." Ron Pickett, Chairman and
President of MAS, commented: "We are very pleased to have
completed this transaction. Our reception at the Internet
World Wireless Show indicates that potential subscribers to
the Digital Angel Delivery System recognize the value that we
bring to this already remarkable product. This transaction is
mutually beneficial to MAS and Digital Angel and will help to
solidify our growing presence in the market place."

About Digital Angel In December of 1999, Applied Digital
Solutions announced that it had acquired the patent rights to
a miniature digital transceiver -- which it has named Digital
Angel. Digital Angel represents the first-ever operational
combination of advanced sensor technology and Web-
enabled wireless telecommunications linked to GPS
systems. The company believes this technology will enable it
to tap into a multi-billion dollar marketplace with a number of
applications that will prove to be extremely popular. Potential
applications include: medical and location monitoring for at-
risk patients; emergency location of lost or missing children;
finding lost or missing household pets; managing livestock
and other farm-related animals; pinpointing the location of
valuable stolen property; and managing the commodity
supply chain. Digital Angel data is transmitted wirelessly, on
a real time basis, to an Internet-integrated ground station and
made available on a Web-enabled desktop, laptop or wireless
device. A new Digital Angel wristband device was unveiled at
Cyberposium at Harvard Business School on February 10,
2001 and at Internet World Wireless 2001, February 20-23,
2001, where it took the honor of Best in Show, Client
Services. For more information about Digital Angel, visit

About Medical Advisory Systems Medical Advisory Systems,
Inc. is a telemedicine pioneer that has operated a 24/7,
physician-staffed call center in Owings, MD for almost 20
years. Through a worldwide telecommunications network,
MAS provides health care to ships-at-sea and other remote
locations, one-on-one "chats" with a physician via the
Internet or telephone, as well as medical assistance and non-
medical services for international travel industry. MAS owns a
12% stake in Paris-based CORIS Group, which provides it
with the ability to offer its services (including travel
assistance and insurance) worldwide. As Application Service
Provider (ASP) for eResearchTechnology, Inc.
(, a subsidiary of PRWW, Ltd. (NASDAQ:
PRWW), MAS will deploy and support a post market safety
surveillance service marketed to the pharmaceutical, medical
device and biotechnology industries. For additional
information, visit

About Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. Applied Digital Solutions
is an information technology and solutions company
operating on the I3 Services Platform. Through our core
business units of Applications, Services and Advanced
Wireless, Applied Digital Solutions offers Intelligent
Integrated Information Services. Our products and services
allow the collection, organization, analysis, warehousing and
dissemination of information for a wide variety of end users
including commercial operations, governments, and
consumers. For more information, visit the company's
website at

Statements about the Company's future expectations,
including future revenues and earnings, and all other
statements in this press release other than historical facts
are 'forward-looking statements' within the meaning of
Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, Section 21E of the
Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and as that term is defined
in the Private Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The Company
intends that such forward-looking statements involve risks
and uncertainties and are subject to change at any time, and
the Company's actual results could differ materially from
expected results. The Company undertakes no obligation to
update forward-looking statements to reflect subsequently
occurring events or circumstances.


CONTACT: ADS Investor Relations Robert Jackson, 561/366-
4800 Fax: 561/366-8591

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published on: 2001-02-27
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