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Date: 2001-03-07

AU: Wo der Copyright-Wahnsinn tobt

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Unter dem "Digital Agenda Act" ist es in Australien ab sofort
nur dann erlaubt, E-Mails weiterzuleiten, wenn es der
Absender ausdrücklich gestattet. Wer das Copyright des
Absenders verletzt, dem droht eine hohe Geldstrafe oder bis
zu fünf Jahre Gefängnis.

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Franz -STAR- Starhan <>
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Sharing e-mail banned by law By SIMON KEARNEY 04mar01

FORWARDING an e-mail to friends, family or colleagues
without permission from the sender is illegal from today and
could result in severe penalties.

New laws set out maximum penalties of five years' jail or
fines of $60,000.

The illegality stems from breaching the copyright held by the
person who originally wrote the e-mail.

An estimated five million or more e-mails are forwarded each
day around the nation.

Attorney-General Daryl Williams QC has warned Australians
that they could be breaking the law, if they continue to
forward e-mails from today.

"It's quite possible that the forwarding of an e-mail could be a
technical infringement of copyright," Mr Williams' legal
adviser told The Sunday Telegraph.

"E-mailing something is a `communication' under the Digital
Agenda Act and so is putting something up on a website."

The new measures cover material which already has
copyright protection -- such as excerpts from books or song
lyrics -- as well as personal messages.

This means a simple message about office gossip, holiday
plans or a new romance carries personal copyright and the
recipient has no right to forward it without permission.

An e-mail sex scandal erupted in Britain last year when
London lawyer Bradley Chait forwarded a personal e-mail
from his girlfriend, Claire Swire, to six friends, who in turn
forwarded the e-mail to others. The e-mail, which described
his sexual prowess, eventually made its way around the
world and led to the lawyer being severely disciplined by his

Internet Industry Association executive director Peter
Coroneos said forwarding e-mail had probably always involved
a technical breach of copyright, adding: "It's a matter of
whether the authors themselves are likely to be concerned."
Mehr davon,4057,1768268%255E421,00.html

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2001-03-07
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