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Date: 2001-06-24

NSA: Spionage gegen US-Buerger

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Dem unermüdlichen John Young ist es anscheinend gelungen,
zum erstenmal ein Beweisstück dafür aufzutreiben, dass die NSA -
nach US-Recht äusserst ungesetzlich - ihre eigenen Bürger

Wie alle Dokumente aus dem Core-Geheimdienstbereich ist es
leicht angejahrt.

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Debate on whether the NSA spies domestically on US persons
appears to be "yes" according to USSID 18, dated July 23, 1993,
which was obtained by the National Security Archive a while back,
for which we offer an HTML:

Parts previously redacted concerning domestic surveillance are
now revealed, among them these provisions for acquiring and
retaining indefinitely domestically acquired encipherments:


(2) Domestic communications reasonably believed to contain
technical data base information may be retained for a period
sufficient to allow a thorough exploitation and to permit access to
data that are, or are reasonably believed likely to become, relevant
to a current or future foreign intelligence requirement. Sufficient
duration may vary with the nature of the exploitation. (S-CCO)

a. In the context of a cryptanalytic effort, maintenance of technical
data bases requires retention of all communications that are
enciphered or reasonably believed to contain secret meaning, and
sufficient duration may consist of any period of time during which
encrypted material is subject to, or of use in, cryptanalysis. (S-

b. In the case of communications that are not enciphered or
otherwise thought to contain secret meaning, sufficient duration is
one year unless the Deputy Director for Operations, NSA,
determines in writing that retention for a longer period is required to
respond to authorized foreign intelligence or counterintelligence
requirements. (S-CCO)

[End quote]

Again, these sections were censored in versions of USSID 18
previously made public, a 1980 version here:

While the quoted material is a small part of the 52-page document,
variations on it are repeated more than once, and seems to be the
one exception to the requirement to avoid domestic interceptions
and to destroy any that are inadvertently acquired.

The classification (S-CCO) is not explained but some think it
perhaps indicates material limited to the UK/USA agreement
and/or the Echelon partners. A better answer is welcomed.

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2001-06-24
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