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Date: 2002-02-08

Zensur: 32 gegen den Europarat [COE]

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q/depesche 02.2.8/1

Zensur: 32 gegen den Europarat [COE]

32 Civil Liberties Organisationen aus 17 Ländern verlangen vom Europarat die
Veröffentlichung eines in Arbeit befindlichen Zusatzprotokolls zur
berüchtigten Cybercrime-Convention. Das Zusatzprotokoll soll
"xenophobische und rassistische" Ausdrucksformen im Netz regeln bzw.

Dieser von ebenso ahnungs/armen wie kontroll/wütigen Parlamentarieren aus
der EU - rechte Sozialdemokraten, grüne Staatsanbeter, konservative
Hardliner - eingeforderte Zusatz ist nach Meinung der unterzeichneten
Organisationen nur dazu geeignet, die Meinungsfreiheit einzuschränken.
Verhindern wird es nichts.

post/scrypt: Wer hat da schon wieder "Hegel ist nicht nur tot, sondern hat
auch längst ausgestunken" gesagt?

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February 6, 2002
Dear Council of Europe Secretary-General Walter Schwimmer: We are non-
governmental organizations from Council of Europe member and observer
nations who share a common desire to protect human rights on the global
Internet. Many of the undersigned organizations had previously sent you two
letters as members of Global Internet Liberty Campaign (dated Oct. 18 and
Dec. 12, 2000) that raised a number of concerns regarding the Convention on

We understand that a discussion draft protocol on Racism and Xenophobia
(to be considered in connection with the Council of Europe cybercrime treaty)
has either been completed or is nearing that final stage. This protocol
apparently will require the criminalization of certain forms of Internet speech
that some might find offensive, and an additional provision related to "abusive
hosting". We are writing to ask for the public release of this discussion draft
as soon as it is completed. If this document has, in fact, already been
completed, we ask that you release it immediately. The protocol is likely to
raise critical questions regarding freedom of expression and human rights.
Given the potentially serious ramifications of the protocol, we believe its text
must be disclosed to allow vigorous and wide-ranging debate over its merits.
While the signatories to this letter may differ on the specific provisions of the
protocol once we learn its contents, we are of the unanimous view that its
development should conform with principles of transparency and democratic
decision-making. For these reasons, we urge you to release the discussion
draft to the general public if it is finished, or to release the document as soon
as it is completed.

Sincerely, American Civil Liberties Union (US)

Article 19-The Global Campaign for Free Expression

Association for Progressive Communications

Associazione per la Liberta nella Comunicazione Elettronica Interattiva (IT)

Bits of Freedom (NL)

Bulgarian Institute for Legal Development (BG)

Center for Democracy and Technology (US)

Chaos Computer Club (DE)

Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK)

Derechos Human Rights (US)

Digital Freedom Network (US)

Digital Rights (DK)

Electronic Frontiers Australia (AU)

Electronic Frontier Foundation (US)

Electronic Privacy Information Center (US)

Equipo Nizkor (ES)

Feminists Against Censorship (UK)

Förderverein Informationstechnik und Gesellschaft (DE)

Foundation for Information Policy Research (UK)

Human Rights Network (RU)

Human Rights Watch

Imaginons un réseau Internet Solidaire (FR)

Liberty (UK)

The Link Centre, Wits University, Johannesburg (ZA)

Online Policy Group (US)

Networkers against Surveillance Taskforce (JP)

Privacy International (UK)

Privacy Ukraine (UA)

Quintessenz (AT)

Swiss Internet User Group (CH)

Verein für Internet Benutzer (AT)


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edited by Harkank
published on: 2002-02-08
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