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Date: 2002-02-18

ECHELON in Japan

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Die nicht nur aus dem ECHELON-Ausschuss bekannte EU-Abgeordnete Ilka
Schröder war in Japan. Wie es aussieht hatte sie dort volles Programm.

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Anti-ECHELON meetings ended successfully. Ilka Schroeder gave very
excellent presentation for many Japanese audiences.

Ilka Schoeder, a member of EU Parliament and was a member of ECHELON
Committee of EU Parliament, was invited to Japan for anti ECHELON
meetings ogganized by Japanese privacy, civil liberty and human rights

Ilka gave key note speeches in four meetings against ECHELON in Japan.

On 15th Feb., two meetings were held.

First meeting was held at the Diet organized by core members of opposition
parties which has been proposing the repeal bill of the wiretapping law in
Japan in each session of the Diet. The meeting had about 70 audiences.

Second meeting was held at the Bar Association of Japan. This is a small
meeting ogrnized by the BAJ that is a official organization of lawyers in
Japan. Participants are mainly interested in civil liberty and human rights.
After the speech by Ilka, The participants discussed broad issues not only
ECHELON but also Cyber Crime Convention issues.

On 16th., Feb, two more meetings were held.

Third meeting was public one held at Kyobashi Plaza,a public meeting place
in down town Tokyo, organized by the Meeting Preparation Committee
composed of several privacy groups, civil liberty groups and human rights
groups. She criticized the Echelon Report by EU committee because of its
insufficient concerning of personal privacy and promotion for INFOPOL. She
insisted on abolish of secret intelligent organizations that is the only one
solution for protecting privacy and liberty of people and social movements. In
the meeting, Bunmei Satou, journalist and activist against Japanese
surveillance system, and Yuichi Kaido, a lawyer for human rightsm gave
speechs. The meeting has 200 audiences.

The final meeting was also public one held at Yokohama Civic Empowerment
Center in Kanagawa District organized by loal community activists groups of
anti militarism, anti wiretapping law, anti Japanese fascism system and so
on. Also in this meeting, Toshi Ogura gave an introductory speech about
ECHELON isseus. The meeting has 70 audiences.

The speech by Ilka gave very important points of view for the ECHELON
Report. First she criticized that the report has only the commercial interest
that promote and strengthen national security system using secret low
enforcement or military institutions. Second she insisted on abolishing all of
secret intelligent ogranizations. Third she proposed several ways for
protecting privacy such as promoting open source software, using
cryptography, and so on.

For more information abot the meeting and other isseus in Japan, please
contact to NaST

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Relayed by Toshi Ogura Networkers against Surveillance Taskforce (NaST)
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edited by Harkank
published on: 2002-02-18
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