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Date: 2002-05-30

Heute: EU-Datenschutz wird gekillt

Unten attachiert ist der Bericht von Maurice Wessling über den Verlauf der gestrigen Pressekonferenz in Brüssel.
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A small update to events in the EP today; the Cappato press conference was successful. Four MEPs spoke on the issue of data retention: Marco Cappato (Radical Party), Ilka Schroeder (Greens), Sarah Ludford (liberals), Elly Plooij (liberals). Sjoera Nas (xs4all) and myself spoke on behalf of civil liberty organizations. About 15 journalists were present (beside a bigger number of lobbyists). Cappato did an excellent job in expressing the civil liberty concerns; he also presented the 16.000 signatures against data retention. There is a lot of confusion in the parliament about the different amendments and the latest 'compromise'. I sensed that many MEPs are realizing only last minute what trade-off has been made. There is no reason to be optimistic about the vote but a positive sign is that the Greens will request a head count tomorrow in order to take full advantage of members that will vote against their fractions. The press conference was on the 8 o'clock TV news in the Netherlands today, quite exceptional for such an event in Brussels. Maurice Wessling Bits of Freedom Related
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edited by Harkank
published on: 2002-05-30
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