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Date: 2002-07-10

USA: RIAA: Kunst ist Diebstahl

oder: Die RIAA war schon immer boese. Die Presseerklaerung eines kleinen Labels aus dem Jahre 1998 zeigt sehr schoen, wieviel Macht die Musikkonzerne besitzen und das es ihnen nicht um Kunst geht, sondern reine Profitgier. Wer glaubt denn auch, das es einem milliarden Dollar Oligopol um Kreativitaet und Kunst geht?
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8/17/98 DO WE REALLY HAVE TO SUE THE RIAA???? In a surprising, shocking, and probably totally illegal turn of events, recent actions by the RIAA have intimidated the company that presses Negativland's CDs into refusing to press the new Negativland CD [...] We are now faced with the very real situation that the ENTIRE corporate music industry (via the RIAA) is preventing an ENTIRE aesthetic [...] However, the owners and operators of mass marketed music, being the latest medium in which collage is being practiced, continue to naively attempt to criminalize the technique of audio collage as if it was an illegitimate intruder on originality and nothing more than a form of theft. [...] mehr:
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edited by Abdul Alhazred
published on: 2002-07-10
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