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Date: 2004-06-21

EU-Datenbank gegen Terror

Eine Datenbank zur besseren finanziellen Sanktionierung von Einzelpersonen, Organisationen und Drittstaaten, die terroristische Aktivitäten unterstützen, wurde diese Woche von EU-Außenkommissar Christopher Patten vorgestellt. Den Willen zur internationalen Zusammenarbeit konnte Christopher Patten bereits beim Transfer von Flugdaten europäischer Bürger an US-Behörden beweisen.
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Delegation of the European Commission to the United States
2300 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037

The European Commission, in partnership with the four European Credit Sector Federations (European Banking Federation; European Savings Banks Group; European Association of Cooperative Banks; European Association of Public Banks), have established an electronic database containing all relevant data concerning persons, groups and entities, subject to European Union financial sanctions.

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Following the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 on the USA, new anti-terrorist financial sanctions regulations were published in the EU Official Journal including lists of persons, groups and entities that are suspected of involvement in international terrorism. These Regulations supplement existing financial sanctions, which target certain foreign regimes (e.g. the governments of Myanmar and Zimbabwe).

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The e-CTFSL enables banks and other EU businesses to integrate the content of the database into their IT systems, hereby rendering the freezing of bank accounts and other funds and assets more effective, and permitting faster processing of information published in the Official Journal.

[ ... ]

The e-CTFSL reflects the data published in the Official Journal of the European Union, and indicates various details of the persons, groups and entities subject to EU financial sanctions:

* name
* aliases, if appropriate
* Passport No.
* nationality
* function
* known addresses

Access to the database is available to banks through FTP (file transfer protocol), from which they may directly download the information into their own IT systems.

[ ... ]

The sanctions imposed by the EU target third countries and foreign terrorist groups. They are therefore an essential contribution to the EU's fight against terrorism, and in particular against terrorism financing.

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edited by Chris
published on: 2004-06-21
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