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Date: 2000-04-06

Abhoer-Equipment: US-Telekoms kassieren

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Das meiste Geld, womit sich die US Telekoms den Einbau
von Abhör-Equipment durch den Staat finanzieren lassen, ist
schon beisammen. Damit ist es nur noch ein kleiner Schritt
bis das seit 1994 in der Schwebe befindliche Abhörgesetz
CALEA [in EU hieß das Gegenstück zu CALEA eine Zeit
lang ENFOPOL] umgesetzt wird.

CALEA Background
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Telecom Firms Lobby for Funding Of Upgrades to Ease


The telecommunications industry is pressing Congress for
full payment of nearly $500 million to help companies fund
software upgrades needed to enable law-enforcement
agencies to wiretap digital- and wireless-telephone networks.

An emergency spending bill approved by the House last
week would make the final $382 million available, but the
financing is threatened by the Senate's stalling over the larger
appropriations package. The budget fighting could further
delay the phone companies' compliance with a 1994
surveillance law, already nearly two years behind schedule.

Since the early 1990s, the Federal Bureau of Investigation
has been warning that conversion to digital and wireless
equipment was threatening to undermine the usefulness of
court-approved phone surveillance. Traditional intercept gear
monitors a single line, recording incoming and outgoing call
information. But digital systems don't have analog pulses that
make such information readily obtainable. And when digital
switches route a call using a feature such as call forwarding,
it isn't detectable.

The telephone funding is caught in a larger fight now affecting
billions of dollars for the Pentagon and to fight narcotics
trafficking in Colombia. Disgruntled House Republicans, who
won a strong vote for the package last week, will meet with
GOP senators today to discuss the Senate leadership's
refusal to take up the measure
"No, I don't think [the bill] is dead," said Senate
Appropriations Committee Chairman Ted Stevens of Alaska,
who has allied with Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois in favor
of moving a bill. But Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott of
Mississippi maintains that he will save time in October by
scuttling the measure now and parsing out its different pieces
among the 13 annual appropriations measures for the fiscal
year that begins Oct. 1. To the extent that real emergencies
exist, Mr. Lott believes the pressure will help him get a head
start on the appropriations process this summer. To an
unusual degree, Republicans are pressing to move some of
the biggest bills -- including defense and the health and
education budgets -- early in hopes of avoid the typical year-
end crunch.
In the case of the telephone money, this same rule applies.
The industry would like the full $500 million in place by June
30, and the House resorted to declaring the obligation a
"contingent emergency" to get around budget limits for this
year. A Senate draft circulated this week by the
Appropriations Committee staff declared no such emergency -
- then allowed only $100 million.

The 1994 wiretap law provides for government reimbursement
to companies that upgrade switches sold before the law went
into effect. The FBI has reached tentative agreements to pay
major equipment manufacturers, including Nortel Networks
Corp., Lucent Technologies Inc., Siemens AG and Motorola
Inc., for the cost of developing the upgrades. But none of the
manufacturers have been willing to complete deals until
Congress appropriates the reimbursement money.
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published on: 2000-04-06
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