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Date: 2000-10-04

Ueberwachung: China und wir

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Um die chinesische Version des russischen SORM [=
ENFOPOL = CALEA] handelt es sich nicht allein, wie
Bobson [siehe darunter] meint. Vielmehr ist die in der
Reuters-Meldung beschriebene, chinesische Lösung eine
konzise Zusammenfassung aller Zugriffsmöglichkeiten des
Staats an sich auf die Informationsgesellschaft.

Wer meint, dass dies halt typisch für eine Diktatur und nicht
so wirklich mit europäischen Standards zu vergleichen sei -
das so genannte 3rd generation partnership project 3ggp
legt grade die Überwachungsstandards für UMTS fest:

Neben dem europäischen ETSI und den Pendants in US, JP,
KR ist auch das China Telecom Standards Institute in dieser
famosen Partnerschaft dabei.

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Think of this as a Chinese version of SORM...
____________________ Bobson Wong Executive Director
Digital Freedom Network 520 Broad Street Newark, NJ 07102-
3111 U.S.A. Phone: +1 (973) 438-4378 Fax: +1 (973) 438-
1474 E-mail: Web:

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China Enacts Sweeping Rules On Internet Firms October 2,
2000 Web posted at: 10:17 PM HKT (1417 GMT)

BEIJING, China (Reuters) -- China published sweeping new
regulations on Internet companies on Monday that limit
international investment, require strict surveillance against
"subversive" content and threaten to close down any
unlicensed firms.

The rules, passed by China's cabinet two weeks ago and
published in the official Xinhua Daily Telegraph on Monday,
are sure to send shockwaves through the country's fledgling
Internet industry, which is heavily dependent on international

By holding companies responsible for blocking vast
categories of illegal content on their Web sites and
chatrooms, the rules also illustrate the Communist Party's
determination to contain the spread of ideas deemed
dangerous to its rule.
Internet content and service providers must keep records of
all the content that appears on their Web sites and all the
users who dial on to their servers for 60 days, and hand the
records to police on demand, the rules state.

Companies without licenses and those exceeding their
stated business scopes will be fined or shut down, the rules
It states that Internet content providers must win the approval
of the Ministry of Information Industry before they can receive
international capital, cooperate with international businesses,
or attempt domestic or overseas stock listings.

"The proportion of foreign investment must conform with
relevant laws and administrative regulations," the rules state.

China last year announced a total ban on non-Chinese
capital in Internet content providers (ICPs).
The new rules appear to extend the investment ban even to
firms that lack ambitions for stock listings and could spark a
scramble to move businesses off-shore or restructure.

Beijing has pledged to allow 49 percent international stakes
in Internet content providers when it joins the World Trade
Organization, but that could be several months away.
"Internet content providers that conduct news, publishing or
electronic bulletin board services must record the information
content they provide and the times they publish it," the rules

Internet service providers, the companies that connect people
to the Internet, must "record the times users log on to the
Internet, users' account numbers, Internet addresses or
domain names and the phone numbers users dial in from,"
they state.

The records should be provided to police investigators upon
request, and Web sites should censor and report any illegal
content that is posted, they state

Definitions of illegal content are vague, such as "spreading
rumors," "disrupting social stability" and gambling and

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2000-10-04
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