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Date: 2002-05-30

EU-Ueberwachung: "Besser als die Stasi"

Damit haben westlichen Demokraten alle Überwachungsanstrengungen des ehemaligen Staatsicherheitsdienstes der DDR bei weitem übertroffen, schreibt Ilka Schröder. Genaue Abstimmunngs-Ergebnisse kommen, sobald sie eintreffen, über die Liste.
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Euro Parliament in favour of preventive spying Data collection in the EU "Better than the Stasi" Press release Nr. 02/2002, Brussels, May 30th, 2002 Today, the European Parliament voted in second reading on the EU Directive concerning the Protection of Personal Data in Electronic Communication (the Cappato report). On this occassion Ilka Schroeder, Member of the European Parliament, shadow rapporteur of the United European Left Group and draftsperson of the Industry Committe's opinion, declares: With today's vote the European Parliament supports the project of a surveillance union. From today on, the fundamental right to privacy is fundamentally questioned for everyone using electronic means of communication no matter whether they are telephone, Internet or fax. The unlimited retention of communication data, as it is laid down in Article 15.1 of the directive voted today, paves the way for unlimited access to all kinds of personal communication. Data retention means: Communication data will no longer be intercepted exclusively at the time the communication takes place, but may be analysed years later retro-spectively. This bears the danger of the resorting to fundamental rights still in force today being sanctioned in the future. Once the Le Pens, Haiders and Rasmussens will be in power in the EU, they will be as happy on the comprehensive information concerning their citizen's communicational conduct as today's authoritarian-state oriented Labour- and Conservative-led governments are. Western democrats surpass the surveillance achievements of Eastern Germany's former Staatssicherheitsdienst by far. Bureau Ilka Schroeder Parlement europ*en Tel: +32 2 284 74 49 GPG Fingerprint: 327F 22F7 6685 20B0 39C7 2762 95C7 A7E8 8B37 3F0A Come to
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edited by Harkank
published on: 2002-05-30
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