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Date: 2007-09-24

Stasi 2.0: Data Retention, neue ETSI doquments

Drei neue Dokumente, deren Inhalt einem die Haare zu Berge stehen lässt, sind zur gefälligen Evaluation verfügbar. Die Verfasser sind Agenten des MI5 sowie des holländischen Geheimdienstes PIDS. Das Thema: Datamining in Telekom-Verkehrsdaten wird standardisiert.
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Der Weg zum Geheimdienststaat

"The request structure defined in section 7.5.1 permits a broad range of requests. Some of the requests that are possible under this structure will not necessarily be legal in all jurisdictions or proportionate in all situations. The goal of the present document is to define a structure that (at a technical level) allows a wide range of requests to be transmitted. Just because a request can be constructed within the framework in 7.5.1, it does not mean it is automatically a legal request. It is a national issue to establish whether or not a request is legal and proportionate." [p.17]

"This is an ETSI document and will not only apply to countries falling under the Directive (not only EU countries). Limitations in what data to be retained are a national issue. This document and the delivery document are not mandatory. Where necessary this document will clarify functionality of the Directive. The Directive text sometimes seems to combine issues from a telecom perspective. The Directive text might use ambiguous wording from a telecom perspective. Additional issues could be added to fulfil national requirements."

A powerpoint presentation on "Lawful Interception and Retained Data Handover Interface standardisation" by Peter van der Arend, chairman of the ETSI Technical Committee on "Lawful Interception".

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2007-09-24
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