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IT and telco surveillance equipment - data sheets and presentations Druck mich
A collection of network monitoring and datamining suites made by Nokia Siemens, Ericsson, Verint and others. All systems are compliant to ETSI and CALEA "lawful interception" standards, the vendors themselves are involved in the standardization. While the official name of the game is still "lawful interception" the newer suites also perform "high speed government surveillance". From Iran to China they are ab/used to track down the democratic opposition, dissidents, ethnic and religious minorities. The vendors are mostly European and US companies.
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2008 07 18 Latest addition is the "IP tr@pper" by Thales, one of the core companies constuting the French miliatry-electronic complex. "Autonomous facility for IP Monitoring: Traffic Analysis (Intranet) for Internet (Internet access point) among mail servers for dedicated line as "Internet Cafes" for Wireless connection / Interfaces: Ethernet 10/100/1G ADSL WIFI ATM [WiMax]" amongst the features: Automatic detection and processing decoding : web, mail, VoIP, data / Text mining / encryption detection & information
2008 04 08 The Nokia Siemens Intelligence Platform is a monster datawarehousing suite integrating all sorts of datasets: mobile fone data and internet logs, credit card and bank account transactions, car registry and DNA databases, road traffic data, fone call transcripts, chat protocols, health and insurance data. This "trend-setting intelligence solution" is delivered either as a "Mini-Sized entry system" or "with Data Center dimensions processing mass data (TB)". As the main target markets are Middle East and Asia deployments are likely to exist in Iran, Egypt, Oman, China and India.

Siemens Intelligence Platform PPT Presentation from 2007
Siemens Monitoring Center Version 2, around 2000/1

List of all surveillance equipment doquments available

This Ericsson surveillance suite - see the manuals below - was abused during 2004/5 to wiretap the mobile phones of the Greek government. All phonecalls were copied and duplicated to a set of prepaid phones. 6500 lines of rogue software written in PLEX did all the work.

Ericsson IMS R 6.6 PPT-presentation 1

Ericsson IMS R 6.6 PPT-presentation 2

Ericsson IMS R 6.6 PPT-presentation 3

Ericsson Interception Management System, User Manual [2001]

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