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Date: 2005-07-12

EDRi mahnt zur Zurückhaltung bei Vorratsdatenspeicherung

Die European Digital Rights Initiative (EDRi) und Privacy International haben einen offenen Brief an die Europäische Justizminister und die britische EU-Präsidentschaft geschrieben. Grund ist die heutige ausserordentliche Sitzung zum Thema Vorratsdatenspeicherung in der EU:
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European Digital Rights and Privacy International have sent an urgent letter today to the UK Presidency and the European Commissioners for Justice and Media to show restraint in tomorrow’s extraordinary JHA Council. EDRI expects the UK Presidency to table a new urgent procedure for the proposal on telecommunication data retention, bypassing the European Commission and the European Parliament.

EDRI objects to this procedure and suggests the proposal has evolved a life of its own, without any convincing proof of the usefulness and benefits and without any analysis on the costs and effectiveness. Bypassing the regular democratic procedure can only produce strong distrust in the democratic process, “thus eroding the very foundations of our society”.

EDRI writes: “Human rights law matters most when governments and societies face times of crisis. The worst possible response would be to jeopardise those carefully wrought rights by a panic-inspired response. We consider the draft framework decision on ubiquitous data retention a serious violation of the right to a private life and a serious endangerment to freedom of speech.”
Der offene Brief in englisch

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edited by Markus Beckedahl
published on: 2005-07-12
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