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Date: 2005-07-05

SWPAT: Wall Street Journal kritisiert Lehne

Dabei hat der gute Mann doch nichts getan ausser neben seinem Job als Partner einer Anwaltskanzlei auch noch Abgeordneter der Volkspartei zu sein. Ausserden ist er anscheinend nicht der einzige, der gleichzeitig patente Verbindungen, und die Fingerchen an der Richtlinie hat.
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Das Wall Street Journal wundert sich darüber, dass europäische Abgeordnete, anders als in den USA, neben ihrer Abgeordnetentätigkeit nachgehen dürfen.

Politics, Business Mix Freely in Europe

A combination of weak ethics and disclosure laws has helped members of the European Parliament with industry ties to influence the outcome of debates without their connections or corporate interests becoming known to the public.

In his job with a leading German patent-law firm, Klaus-Heiner Lehne advises corporate clients on European Union policy. In his second job, as a member of the European Parliament, Mr. Lehne also shapes policy: In June, he helped rewrite a patent proposal more to the liking of big software makers.

Two other European legislators from Germany who have favored stronger software-patent protections also have industry ties. One works with another top patent-law firm, and another sits on the board of U.S. software giant Veritas Software Corp. and holds options to buy 85,416 shares of Veritas stock, according to U.S. securities filings.

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edited by Bernhard Mayer
published on: 2005-07-05
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