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Date: 2005-01-11

Auslagerung trifft jetzt auch den Patentanwalt

In Zeiten von Global harmonisiertem Patentrecht werden auch die Anwaltsjobs in die Billiglohnländer verlagert. US-Technologiefirmen liebäugeln daher mit Indien, wo man die selbe Unsicherheit um 40 Prozent billiger bekommt.
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Branchenriese Intel ist noch zurückhaltend:

"It's not consistent with our past practices, but we certainly would be open to evaluating it going forward," said Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy. Intel's overseas subsidiaries have relationships with foreign law firms, he said, but its legal department in Santa Clara hasn't farmed out work to offshore contractors yet.

Doch andere stehen bereits in den Startlöchern, und einige haben den Sprung bereits gemacht:

Steven Lundberg, a Minneapolis lawyer specializing in intellectual-property issues, said his firm first turned to India when it couldn't find enough qualified local talent to proofread patent applications.

"Since all our records are online, it was easy to send them over there," Lundberg said. "The quality has been great, and the prices are great."

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edited by Bernhard Mayer
published on: 2005-01-11
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